Year 5 and 6 Indoor Athletics

Last week, 20 of our Year 5 and Year 6 athletes competed at the Lewisham Sportshall Indoor Athletics Tournament. After competing in a number of track and field events, the children placed 5th in the borough! Not only did the children develop their athletic skills throughout the day, but they showed great determination and teamwork, […]

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Year 6 at the Golden Hinde

We had a great day visiting the Golden Hinde to supplement our history learning. Having learned about Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Francis Drake it was interesting to learn more about his special task and what life was like aboard one of his vessels. We experienced what being a sailor/pirate on the Golden Hinde during […]

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UKS2 Science

Years 5 and 6 have been studying the effects of temperature, moisture and type of bread in regards to how mould grows. First, predictions were made using prior knowledge of mould and other fungi. Then, the experiments were meticulously planned. Each group only changed one variable, in order to keep the test fair. Some groups […]

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UKS2 Table tennis

Year 5 have been practising backhand in table tennis. After working on forehand shots for the past few weeks, we were ready to move on to backhand. We even managed to squeeze in a few games! In Year 6, we felt ready to move on to competitive doubles games using both backhand and forehand. We […]

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UKS2 Science

Wondering what board games you’ll be playing during the holidays? Worry no more – Years 5 and 6 know how to make their own! This week in Science, UKS2 investigated how to make a matching game using card, split pins, wires, a battery and a buzzer or bulb. We first devised questions and answers to […]

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For the past two weeks in RE, UKS2 have been learning about Mary and discussing why she was chosen to be Jesus’s mother. This week, we analysed different depictions of Mary in art and we saw that she is almost always shown wearing a hooded robe and has a halo around her head or body. […]

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