A special investigation in LKS2

Year 3 and 4 received a letter about helping an Oil company research efficient methods of cleaning up oil after an oil spill. After investigating many ways of clean up, we reached our conclusions to help inform the research. Booms are temporary floating barriers that are used to help contain oil spills. We used some […]

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RE in LKS2

Year 3 and 4 have been thinking about why Christians go to church. With lots of discussion we were able to think of every reason a Christian may go to church, we also discussed if they had to go to church to do all of the things we thought of.

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Art in LKS2

Year 3 and 4 used their prior knowledge on mixing colours to explore shade and tint this week. We mixed in black and white with blue to create different hues. We used this new skill to create a layers of the ocean inspired picture.

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Science in LKS2

In science this week, Mrs Peters and Miss Bellis gave us a tray of components and we had to investigate how to make something work. After a few failed attempts, and lots of problem solving, we managed to make the buzzer buzz, the bulb light and the motor turn by connecting it to power – […]

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Art in LKS2

Inspired by nature, year 3 and 4 have started to explore colours by creating different shades of green and blue. We have used our previous knowledge of colour mixing to help us. We were able to create some unique colours using our powder paint.

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DT in LKS2

This week in DT we have been working hard to put all of our sewing skills together. We created a template to use to help us accurately cut out fabric. Once we had our shapes drawn on the fabric, we carefully cut them out. Then, for the first time in our textiles topic we sewed […]

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Even more template in LKS2

Year 3 and 4 have been very busy this past week developing their cutting, drawing and accuracy. We have learnt that it is important to create a template as it will help us mark out and cut identical shapes. Year 3 and 4 have been very successful at creating templates, you could even call them […]

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