Harvest Festival

Parents & Carers of St Margaret’s Lee, Harvest is an important time in the Christian calendar when we give thanks for the food we have and share with those who need it most. Over the years, the children and community of St Margaret’s have donated an amazing amount of food and groceries to local food […]

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Year 3 – Monday 4.5.20

Happy Star Wars Day! Today is the day that we start moving some of our learning over to Seesaw, so check below to see where your task is. PLEASE let us know if there are any teething problems so we can help you with them. It’s new for all of us so the more we […]

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Year 3 – Friday 1.5.20

Well, good morning all and a very happy First of May to you! I have been LOVING seeing your fantastic work coming through on Seesaw and if you still haven’t managed to log on, please do have a go and email or call the office to let us know if you need any help as […]

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Year 3 – Wednesday 29.4.20

Morning Superstars! I hope you managed to make the most of snuggling up inside, or had a brilliant time splashing around in the rain outside, if that’s what you did yesterday. MATHS Today, we are doing Summer Term – Week 1 (w/c 20 April) Lesson 3 Compare fractions which can be found (with answers) here The […]

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Year 3 – Tuesday 28.4.20

Rain? Who ordered rain? I didn’t! It’s a good job it’s here though, because otherwise all that new life that’s bursting out everywhere would wither and die. Perhaps today is a day to do your exercise indoors, to make a den in your bed, to curl up and read or to do puzzles and board […]

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Year 3 – Monday 27.4.20

Morning All! I’m loving the vegetable puns today. So, let’s get this week going, let’s     🙂 A new week, a new start and a new focus. Lucky us. A reminder again, I need you all to do SOME Maths, SOME reading and SOME writing every day. If that means you do the tasks […]

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Year 3 – Friday 24.4.20

Happy Friday everyone! A little bit of inspiration this morning from someone who inspires me: the extraordinary Dolly Parton. Here’s today’s timetable: MATHS We’re carrying on with Week 2 on White Rose, and are on Lesson 5 – Equivalent fractions (1). You might not get it all finished in one session because of Collective Worship […]

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Year 3 – Thursday 23.4.20

Good Morning, Thursday already! I hope you enjoyed being revolting Twits yesterday – just remember that when you’ve finished your Literacy work for the day, you’re supposed to finish being like Mr and Mrs Twit as well! 🙂 Adults, I found this today and it really cheered me up as a parent who is trying […]

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Year 3 – Wednesday 22.4.20

Good morning all, Welcome to Wednesday’s learning, I hope you can have some fun with it today. Parents and carers, I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it – YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB. You might be doing more or less than others in the class. Please don’t compare yourselves, all of […]

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