Year 2 RE: Acting Kind

Today the children completed their drama work on the theme of kindness. They have been exploring what it means to be kind over the past few weeks, learning the bible story of the Good Samaritan and using drama to re-tell this important parable. We have also asked the key question of “Is it possible to […]

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Experimenting with sound – Y2 science

Year 2 were excellent scientists today, carrying out their own experiment to find out which materials are better at absorbing sound than others. They made predictions and quickly understood and demonstrated the importance of a fair test. They began conducting tests using the alarm on their ipads and seeing which materials would reduce the sound […]

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Year 2 are magnetised……

This week as part of our science investigation into materials and their properties, year two discovered the laws of magnetism – that opposite poles attract and like poles repel. They made predictions about which materials and objects in the classroom would be magnetic and then carried out magnetic tests. We also learned amazing facts such […]

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Year 2 RE

This term in year 2 RE we’re exploring a St Margaret’s school value, kindness. Last week we started by considering what kindness looks like and means to each of us. We wrote these thoughts on hearts, decorated them and will display them prominently in the classroom (watch this space). This week we read the parable […]

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Treemazing Trees

Year 2 started a series of science lessons on how important and amazing trees are for humans, animals, birds, insects, plants and the planet. The children were able to share their existing knowledge about trees and build upon it. We discussed the many ways that trees benefit the planet and help support life. We kept […]

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