Art – year 2

Today year 2 were so creative and artistic. After being inspired by the work of pop artist James Rizzi, they made their own amazing collages. They used their imaginations and interpretations of the city we live in to create expressive cityscape collages. Following James Rizzi’s style, they drew buildings alive with detail, cut them out […]

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Art – Year 2

This week we looked in depth at art work by an American pop artist called James Rizzi. We studied his pictures carefully, noticing how he brings the cityscape of New York to life. We discussed his use of bright colours and remembered that primary colours can make secondary colours. We so enjoyed painting our own […]

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History in Y2

This afternoon we became history detectives and used a variety of historical sources and artefacts to explore what school was like in the Victorian times.

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Science week in Y2

This week we asked the question, how do animals stay healthy? We were challenged to design an outdoor gym which would encourage us to exercise. We discussed how we could use the playground space to exercise our muscles and out heart and designed our own exercises. Once the rain had stopped, we headed outside to […]

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School Jam

We would like to welcome all Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 parents and carers to School Jam! School Jam is a maths app which provides practical and digital activities for you and your child to complete together. The tasks are set by the teacher and link directly to the learning your child is currently […]

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Harvest Festival

Parents & Carers of St Margaret’s Lee, Harvest is an important time in the Christian calendar when we give thanks for the food we have and share with those who need it most. Over the years, the children and community of St Margaret’s have donated an amazing amount of food and groceries to local food […]

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Bonjour, tout le monde! Everyone can still be enjoying their French learning at home, with these resources for singing, activities and games. BODY PARTS It’s our favourite with a link to the song. Heads, shoulders, knees and toes . The robot’s pointer isn’t that easy to see so just to remind you: l’oeil = eye, […]