Year 1’s prayer

On Sunday I went to see the Queen, and placed our class prayer at the sparkiest spot I could find in Green Park. We were SO proud of this prayer, these words were all their own. We’ll done Year 1!

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Year 1 DT – Design and Make!

Today, we designed our final bridges. We had to think about what materials we will use and how we will create them. Here are our designs. The bridges will need to be more than 30cm to meet the design brief. Time to get building! We used paper straws to start making the triangles to support […]

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Year 1 DT – Just paper?

Wow, What a lesson! Today, Year One we’re investigating how shaping materials can impact how stable a structure can be. We experimented with lots of different ideas to see how many blocks 1 sheet of paper can hold! We started thinking about how we cod reinforce our structures to make them even stronger! How many […]

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