writing in ks2

What a busy half term we’ve had! For their fiction topic, Year 3 were learning how to write suspenseful narratives, using skills like empty words and speech to show the characters’ feelings. David certain had a rollercoaster of emotions in this story! Year 4 have had a ball writing their persuasion pieces, from formal estate […]

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Summer RE so far….

Everyone has had a great term of learning in RE so far with a wide range of faiths and practices being explored. Reception have been learning about Islam, in particular the holy month of Ramadan and the Eid al -Fitr celebrations which mark the end of Ramadan. The children were lucky enough to have a […]

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Geography Across tHe School

As the weather improves, across the school we are taking an opportunity to get outside and explore in our geography units. Every year group is getting to grips with mapping and fieldwork! From exploring storybook maps in year 1, to using OS maps in Year 3, to using 4 and 6 figure grid references & […]

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Exploring Easter at St. Margaret’s.

Over the last few weeks everyone has been exploring the meaning of Easter for Christians. The children have built upon their existing knowledge, made new connections, learned lots of new vocabulary and gained a deeper understanding of the Easter story. Reception have been learning about springtime and how Easter is a time to think about […]

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Year 6 visit the Migration Museum!

On Friday, Year 6 were lucky enough to visit the Migration Museum to help contextualise the stories of the Windrush Generation and the long history of migration to and from Britain. In their workshop, they were introduced to key words and themes of migration, as well as discussed their own personal connections to migration. Before […]

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History Across the School

This half term has been all about HISTORY! Every class has been thinking hard about things that happened in the past and becoming proper historians; considering significance, evidence and impact. Year 1 Having studied the life of the incredible Mary Anning and the importance she had in the world of fossils, year 1 have moved […]

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Kingswood PhotoDump

We had a blast, but are glad to be home- back in the warm with families. Here are some more photos and videos that were taken on our final morning, or that didn’t make it onto the original blogposts…

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Kingswood Day 4

Our final full day at Kingswood has come to an end and it’s been the best one yet. Even in the rain our spirits haven’t been dampened. Today we have been busy doing orienteering, aero ball, obstacle course, fencing, and The Leap of Faith. We have just got back from a tiring disco before unwinding […]

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Kingswood Day 3

Another brilliant day at Kingswood! We started off learning how to start a fire (even in the cold and wet!) before becoming Robin Hood at the archery range. Our brains got stronger at problem solving, and then we reached new heights at the 3G swing. We are now having a quiz before heading back for […]

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