LifeSavers is Back!

The school wants to start up the LifeSavers savings scheme for children again and we can’t do it without your help! Year 5 children, if you enjoy mathematics and would like to be one of our bankers on Tuesday or Friday mornings before school then come and speak to Miss Steer. As soon as we […]

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Exploring acrylics

Today we explored colour mixing using acrylic paints. Having looked at some famous artwork on the theme of autumn, we got mixing! Some of us also created some simple paintings using the colours we made.

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What is love? Today we found out what Jesus did in his life that showed love. We used drama to act out different bible verses that showed Jesus’s love to others ❤️ Then we heard Corinthians 13, and learned what the bible says love truly is (or isn’t). We thought about what it means to […]

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UKS2 Human Geography of Mexico

To get to know Mexico a bit better, we looked at different population data to see what it could tell us about living in Mexico. We had some rich discussions about the dispersal of people across the country, the changes in population in the last century, and what impact that has on the country. We […]

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Les Parties du Corps in KS2

We are learning about the parts of our bodies in French this half-term, using the trusty Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes song (or Tête, Epaules, Genoux et Pieds to give it the correct French title) to help us. We are playing vrai ou faux games to see if we can identify the correct parts of […]

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Early autumn trees

We took our inspiration from the trees outside the window. We layered our leaves with four shades of green to create an early autumn effect. Our sketchbooks were a useful reference for the greens we wanted to use!

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UKS2 Geography

After recapping the biomes of the world, we zoomed in on Mexico. We found out that the mains biomes in Mexico are Tropical Rainforest (in the south) and deserts (in the north). We used blank maps to show where the biomes are distributed, and used mapping tools to find and label mountains in Mexico.

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Is anything ever eternal? We started thinking about our new key question by finding out what eternity truly means. We then had a discussion about what things we think are, or are not, eternal. There were some interesting contributions and many differences of opinion. We ended the lesson with a post-it debate.

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UKS2 Geography- Biomes

A biome is a large area of land with conditions and climate that suit specific plants and animals. We kick started this lesson by looking at a world map, and considering why it had been colour coded in the way it had, and what the key would look like. Ideas ranged from temperature, to climate, […]

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Hola Mexico UKS2 🇲🇽

To say a proper Hola to our new country of study, Mexico, years 5 and 6 immersed themselves in Mexican culture for the afternoon. After watching dancing and listening to traditional Mexican mariachi music, we learned the Mexican Hat Dance. After learning the basic steps, we got into groups to choreograph our own dances to […]

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