UKS2 Science – classifying animals

We learned all about Carl Linnaeus and how his system of classification is still used today to group organisms based on shared observable characteristics. Using his methods we created our own classification tree to place different organisms according to their anatomy and properties. After learning all about invertebrates, we watched an incredible video of a […]

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We have been investigating how bridges are so strong. We used polydron to experiment with the idea of triangulation – triangles are the strongest shape because the force can be shared by the 3 sides rather than being heavy down one side. We had to build a bridge that could withstand 200g for 30 seconds […]

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Christmas Performances Shine Brightly

The closing days of term have seen three performances that our children are rightly proud of. Early Years acted and sung the Christmas story reflecting just how well they worked during rehearsals. KS1 entertained us with a mix of traditional and modern songs while acting their outdoor, heart warming nativity. KS2 concluded their 6 week […]

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UKS2 History

That’s a wrap! Today we completed our last content lesson on our History topic: The Kingdom of Benin. We spoke about the legacy of the kingdom, and the significance of what it left behind. Then we had a silent debate. There were 5 questions around the room that we could respond to. We could also […]

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KS2 French

C’est ma famille. We draw pictures of family members and introduced them to our partners. It was important to use the correct gendered words to match the relative. C’est ma mere. Elle s’appelle Chloe. C’est mon pere. Il s’appelle Bob.

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UKS2 History

Trade- what impact did the slave trade have on the Kingdom of Benin? We started out by looking at items in the kingdom of Benin, and thinking about whether they would be imports or exports. Then we learned about the deplorable history of the Transatlantic slave trade- including the part Britain and the rest of […]

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UKS2 History

Conflict- What was the cause and consequence of the British Invasion? We have learnt that the Kingdom of Benin dates from 900-1897CE but why such a specific abrupt end? Today we learned that following a trade mission to Benin, British soldiers clashed with Benin Warriors and some unfortunately died. This cause uproar back in Victorian […]

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UKS2 at the Unicorn Theatre

We had a fantastic time today visiting the Unicorn Theatre to watch The Bolds. From the set, to the music, to the acting, we could all see the talent and hard work that goes into putting on each performance- and many of us were inspired! We then got to eat our lunch al fresco next […]

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