UKS2 History- Victorian Inventions

We have learned all about the Industrial Revolution, and how it impacted the everyday lives of everyday Victorians. The boom in industry lead to many exciting inventions revolutionising the lives of many. In History this week, we learned about these new inventions, and discussed how they would transform parts of people’s lives. In small groups, […]

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UKS2 William Morris Art

Recently, we have been studying William Morris- a Victorian Artist who is known for his repeating pattern style of art that was used in home decoration throughout the Victorian Era and beyond. Last week, we used Morris to inspire our own digital art, using mirror images and large floral motifs. This week, we used our […]

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Book Cover Challenge

Calling all children and adults, and those in between! Fancy a fun and creative challenge this week? Have a look on your book shelf at all of your favourite books. Could you recreate a book cover using things around your home? Here are some creative examples to inspire you… If you fancy taking part (it […]

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Year 6: Friday

Morning Year 6! Maths  Click here for this week’s challenges. Literacy Using the letters below, can you make as many words as possible. Add up your score and see how you do! (you can only use a letter once per word so ‘apple’ wouldn’t count as there is only 1 P) Writing Here are some […]

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Year 6: Thursday

Morning Year 6! Maths  Here is the second half of Version E. If you haven’t printed it out (I sent an email last week) just copy the answers in your book. Extension Reading  The story we will be reading from today is set in Prague, the capital city of a country called the Czech Republic […]

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Year 6: Wednesday

Morning Year 6! Maths  Extension Reading  Upload your answers to Seesaw. Writing Today and tomorrow we will be basing our writing on this video: You do not need to watch it all (you can if you like) but watch until at least 4 minutes.   Copy this table into your exercise books and think of […]

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Year 6: Tuesday

Morning Year 6! Maths  Extension Reading  The the following text and answer the questions in your book. Questions Find and copy a word in the first paragraph which means ‘cautious distrust’. How might people know that Archie has magical abilities? Define the word ‘apprentice’. Before Archie discovered he was descended from the Flame Keepers of […]

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Year 6: Monday

Morning Year 6! Maths  Click here to watch a video based on this week’s learning. Task Reading  Read the text and answer the questions. Click here for a link to the web page. Questions What three things did an alchemist try to do? Explain what the ‘elixir of life’ was thought to do. Name one […]

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Arts round-up

Hello St. Margaret’s! I thought it was about time we had another round-up of all the amazing Arts and Culture out there. I’ve gathered together lots of resources below, all with links to the relevant websites. There should be something for everyone so have a browse and maybe step out of your comfort zone and […]

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