Year 5 science

In Year 5, we have been putting our knowledge of properties of materials to the test. Last week, we recapped vocabulary such as: conductor, insulator, magnetism, transparency, hardness, toughness and solubility. This week, we did an experiment to test solubility by making salt solutions. We learned about saturation points and attempted to make saturated saltwater […]

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Year 5 dt- cooking

Today Year 5 made a variety of curries, following recipes that they wrote themselves to fit different design briefs. Some were mild, others were spicy and all of them were tasty! Using their choice of vegetables, spices and either lentils, chickpeas or potatoes, the children made a juicy or creamy curry depending on if they […]

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Year 5 trip to the Grant Museum

Year 5 went on a trip to the Grant Museum of Zoology to refresh our learning about Darwin and evolution. There were so many specimens all packed into one room that wherever we looked, there was always something new to see! From enormous African elephant skulls to snake skeletons to micro-organism slide specimens, we saw […]

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UKS2 Microbiologist Visit

Yesterday, Years 5 & 6 were very lucky to have a visit from Dr Lara Payne, a Microbiologist (and Reception mum) who came in to talk to them about being a Microbiologist and infectious diseases doctor. The children were really interested to learn about what the job entails and to look at some equipment used. […]

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International Day…

Get those outfits ready! What will you wear on the day? Will it be a National costume, your favourite football team’s shirt or a beautiful outfit that shows your character off the best? Time to get planning a day off from wearing school uniform.

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UKS2 DT- Food

We have just embarked on a delicious quest to Indian to learn all about curry! In fact, the world curry comes from the Indian Tamil word ‘Kari’ meaning a sauce or soup to be served with rice. We looked at world maps and found out that curry is quite a global dish- with many different […]

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Yr 5 & 6 Art

Year 5 and 6 have been working hard to learn how to draw with one point perspective. They have been creating pencil drawings of a street using a vanishing point where the details disappear. They then used a view finder to zoom in on one aspect of the picture and created a three colour reduction […]

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