Arts round-up

Hello St. Margaret’s! I thought it was about time we had another round-up of all the amazing Arts and Culture out there. I’ve gathered together lots of resources below, all with links to the relevant websites. There should be something for everyone so have a browse and maybe step out of your comfort zone and […]

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Year 5 – 20.4.20

Hello again everyone! Although this Easter holiday was very different for everyone, I hope that you had a chance to relax with your family and that you are happy, healthy and ready to start a new term 🙂 Let me know one thing you enjoyed over the Easter holidays in the comments section below! Here […]

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Puppet Power

Happy Easter everybody! Today’s task is to create your own puppet show! 🙂 Here is an example of a sock puppet musical performance you could create (I certainly had a lot of fun making it): You could make your own sock puppet music video; create some sock puppet stand-up comedy or put on a short […]

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Bee Happy🐝

I am an insect A hive is my home I eat some pollen To make honeycomb.  What am I?   I’m a bee When I see bees buzzing around the park, or visiting the flowers on my balcony I don’t feel scared of their sting. Instead, I feel so glad and grateful for all the important […]

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To infinity… and beyond!

Greetings Earthlings.  Today we are going to take a trip from our little planet across our solar system – all without leaving home. First of all we need a space helmet.  All you’ll need is a) a cardboard box b) white paper or silver foil and c) your imagination.  If you can find a box […]

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Stay connected, write a letter!

It’s Tuesday the 7th of April during a very strange Easter holiday. Is there someone in your life you’d really like to write to? Have you got relatives in another part of London or the country that you’d like to cheer up? It is a lovely feeling to receive a letter and just as nice […]

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Happy Holidays

We have made it to the Easter holidays! Well done for all of your hard work over the last two weeks and for adjusting so well to a new routine. I am sure we have all faced challenges over the past two weeks but we need to remember that we are helping everyone by staying […]

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3.4.20 – Year 5

Good morning! This morning we are going to swap Maths and English (so there will be a shorter English session before assembly with Mr Wilson at 10:00.) English In the classroom, we have posters showing different homophones and their meanings. Can you create your own? Choose a homophone to present. Think how your images can […]

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