Year 5’s class assembly

Another big well done to Year 5 who had their class assembly this morning. The class showed nothing but enthusiasm throughout the process and certainly rose to the occasion! A special shout out to the dancers who choreographed their dance to Beastie Boys ‘Intergalactic’ with creativity and flair! The rendition of the poem ‘Gran Can […]

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The Riot Act

This afternoon Year 5 and 6 took part in a workshop on road safety. The show was very engaging and had a very important message about staying safe on the roads of London!

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Non-fiction reports in Year 5

Last week, Year 5 were given the task of writing non-fiction reports based on a made-up moon called ‘Pandora’. They worked extremely hard throughout the week and have produced these lovely posters. Using a fictional place freed up the children to concentrate on their writing as they could use their own ideas and make up […]

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Lewisham schools football

The weather went back to regular February as St Margaret’s Lee A and B boys football teams took part in the Lewisham Schools Football Tournament. The A team finished runners up in their group and the B team finished in third place overall in their tournament. Great team play as always, though hot showers and […]

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Easter Art in Year 5

Yesterday in RE, Year 5 started to think about the word ‘destiny.’ What does it mean? Do they believe in destiny? We discussed the Easter story and Jesus’ crucifixion and thought about why Jesus died on the cross. The children then created some agamographs ( a type of art which look different from different directions.) […]

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Icarus at The Unicorn Theatre

In preparation for next term’s topic of the Ancient Greeks, Year 5 visited The Unicorn Theatre to watch a modernised version of Icarus. The children all decided that they particularly enjoyed the lighting and the set and look forward to finding out more in the summer!

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