You’re never too old…

…to enjoy a story! Years 5 and 6 have now finished their first class novel, ‘Letters From the Lighthouse’ by Emma Carroll. This story was set in WW2 and helped the children to further develop their understanding of evacuation, code breaking and what life was like during this period of history. One child even said […]

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Dance Enrichment raises the roof

“That was much better than I thought it would be!” High praise indeed from one of our oldest students who was honest enough to admit that they were not particularly looking forward to a half-term of dance enrichment. Our mixed group of Year 5 and 6 children were nothing short of awesome in our first […]

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The Empire Windrush

This week, as part of our Black History Month celebrations, Year 5 have been learning about The Empire Windrush. We discussed why people may have moved from the Caribbean to the UK after WW2 and talked about some of the difficulties as well as the positives. As part of our learning, we read a poem […]

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Year 5 & 6: Jamaican Patties 🇯🇲

As part of Black History Month celebrations, the children made healthy vegetarian Jamaican patties. They worked in groups to create a shortcrust pastry, cut and cooked the vegetables for the filling, and secured them with a fork crimp. We also learnt about the history of Jamaica and how the Cornish Pasty influenced this Jamaican classic!

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Year 5 & 6 Anderson Shelters

After learning about the importance of bomb shelters during WW2, the children were set the task to create their own versions using a range of materials. They worked in pairs to plan and make model shelters and evaluated the structural successes and failures throughout the project so they could learn different techniques from one another. […]

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Awesome librarians

We are fortunate to have a dedicated team of librarians from Y5 this year. They have been fully trained by Mrs McGregor, our reading leader and they have already been busy covering, stamping and sorting books and generally keeping the library in good order.

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