Angles in Year 5

This morning after Park Run, Year 5 recapped their knowledge of angles. With permission (!) they labelled any acute, right, obtuse and reflex angles and then found parallel and perpendicular lines on the tables. The children then started to think about angles facts, for example angles in a triangle add up to 180 degrees.

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International Day Art

This Friday is International Day at St Margaret’s! Year 5 have learnt a little about Russia and have created their own versions of St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. I have been so impressed by their collaboration in particular!

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Balanced arguments in Year 5

Year 5 have worked exceptionally hard on their writing over the last two weeks and have written their first ever balanced arguments. We focused on formal language and using standard English.   They debated whether Michael (a character in Kensuke’s Kingdom) should have been allowed to be taken out of school for a round-the-world trip […]

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Kensuke’s Kingdom in Y5

As part of our topic on Rivers and Water, Year 5 have started to read Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. We looked at different book covers and created our own using pastels. We particularly liked this front cover as it created a feeling of mystery and wonder. We have also started writing a balanced argument […]

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Deptford Creek adventure

As part of their rivers study, Year 5 visited Creekside education centre. We learned all about the different features of a river and looked at different maps and time lapse video to get more of an understanding of how our local rivers connect and change with the tide. We did some labelled observational sketches of […]

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Space food in Year 5

As our Space topic in Science comes to a close, we have been trying to create some foods the astronauts may be able to take up to space. We discussed how fresh fruit may not be an option and used the dehydration machine to remove the water from pineapple, apple, banana, cucumber, strawberry and grapes. […]

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The Great Grammar Race

This morning, Year 5 used their grammar knowledge during ‘The Great Grammar Race’. We recapped the different word classes then thought of as many examples as possible. We then headed out to the playground where we got into four teams. Each child had to run forward, pick up a word and then sort it into […]

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