UKS2 Sports Day

What a day! We had so much fun at Sutcliffe Park. It was especially special for Year 6 as their last Sports Day at St Margaret’s. Everyone displayed awesome sportsmanship, and great resilience and overall had a successful day… stickers all round!

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Opera in Year 5

Year 5 got a taste of opera this afternoon. Blackheath Halls came to work with us and let us know about a community opera opportunity going on this summer, which children from Y5 have a letter about. If your child is interested in being involved, please respond ASAP as places are filling fast.

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UKS2 DT -Textiles

We are very excited to start out new textiles project in UKS2 after the success of our mechanics project last term. After learning about the design cycle, we know that every good designer starts with research. We looked at different textile items, from waistcoats, to tea towels, to Santa hats, and looked at the stitched […]

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UKS2 Writing

What did the Greeks do for us? To wrap up or History topic all about The Ancient Greeks, we considered their lasting legacy and wrote some impressive essays about the impact they had on our everyday lives. This piece of Diamond Work was a culmination of a 3 week long project all about explanation writing. […]

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UKS2 Science

Could you pull a 12 tonne truck single handedly? With the help of a few pulleys, you could!!! We investigated using pulleys by lifting a weight with a different amount of pulleys in the mechanism. By using Newton meters we found that the greater the number of pulleys, the less effort needed to lift the […]

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In this final week of the half term, we finished building and decorating our CAMs toys. Can you believe we made our own toys from just a piece of cardboard and some wood? Miss Higgitt and Miss Ramsden have been really impressed with our resilience and problem solving throughout and think everyone should be really […]

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Having completed our learning about Hinduism, we designed and made our own board games around the theme of Karma, Samsara and Moksha. We had fun playing each other’s games like Exploding Shivas and Game of Life.

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UKS2 History

What is the cultural legacy of the Ancient Greeks? We looked at modern and Ancient Greek architecture, literature, sculpture and theatre and looked for similarities and differences between them. In teams, we then raced to sort facts about Greek art and culture as associated with Greeks only, or also seen in modern day. It was […]

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UKS2 History

Do you know why a marathon is called a marathon? In this lesson, we learned all about the events at the battle of Marathon. However, there a so many different versions that the real story is difficult to decipher. We do know that the battle of marathon happen in Marathon (about 24 miles from Athens) […]

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UKS2 Science

What shape bow would make the best speedboat? We investigated this question using modelling clay and baby shampoo!!! We modelled different shaped bows (square, round and pointed) and times how long it took to fall through 700 ml of baby shampoo. We used this instead of water so that the differences would be clearer- in […]

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