UKS2 Geography

This half-term we are studying the incredible naturalist and geographer Charles Darwin. To kick start the project, we thought like Darwin and took to the playground to make careful and meaningful observations of the living things. “Why do different plants have different coloured flowers?” “How much older is the tree than the shrub beside it?” […]

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UKS2 Science

This week, we’ve been discussing the history of life on Earth in UKS2 Science. First, the children were asked to order nine pictures from the earliest to most recent evolved life on Earth. This prompted some excellent theorising, questioning and reasoning. The children very maturely debated in their groups, listening and reacting to each other’s […]

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Year 5 Tate Trip

On Thursday, Year 5 took a trip to the Tate Modern, where we were able to view some of the artwork that we studied last term. Some pieces of art were far larger than we imagined they would be and much more detailed, such as The Darkward Trail. Some of us were dizzy seeing the […]

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Year 5 & 6 Music

Years 5 and 6 have completed an enjoyable half term’s music project exploring songs written by Carole King. A particular highlight was You’ve Got A Friend, culminating in a class performance with some children accompanying singers on guitars, flutes, violin and clarinet. They also listened to and appraised a varied selection of her songs through […]

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Reading in Preschool

We have lots of fabulous books and are on the look out for some more that are either just picture books or have hardly any or no words in them. If you have some books like this that your children have grown out of, we’d greatly appreciate them. Just drop them off at our door!

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St. Margaret’s Science Fair

Monday’s Science Fair was St. Margaret’s at its finest – staff and children alike showing off what creative, confident, knowledgeable learners we are and what brilliant communication skills the children have. The playground and hall were a hotbed of activity, from Year 5’s mouldy bread (and very testing classification quiz) to Year 1’s sorting animals. […]

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