Space food in Year 5

As our Space topic in Science comes to a close, we have been trying to create some foods the astronauts may be able to take up to space. We discussed how fresh fruit may not be an option and used the dehydration machine to remove the water from pineapple, apple, banana, cucumber, strawberry and grapes. […]

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The Great Grammar Race

This morning, Year 5 used their grammar knowledge during ‘The Great Grammar Race’. We recapped the different word classes then thought of as many examples as possible. We then headed out to the playground where we got into four teams. Each child had to run forward, pick up a word and then sort it into […]

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Year 5: Craters experiment

This morning, Year 5 planned and conducted an experiment to answer the question, ‘Does the height at which an object is dropped impact the size of the crater?’ The children accurately measured the diameter of each ‘crater’ and then calculated the means. Well done Year 5!

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Year 5’s class assembly

Another big well done to Year 5 who had their class assembly this morning. The class showed nothing but enthusiasm throughout the process and certainly rose to the occasion! A special shout out to the dancers who choreographed their dance to Beastie Boys ‘Intergalactic’ with creativity and flair! The rendition of the poem ‘Gran Can […]

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The Riot Act

This afternoon Year 5 and 6 took part in a workshop on road safety. The show was very engaging and had a very important message about staying safe on the roads of London!

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