Year 5: Blackout poetry

Inspired by the story of Ernest Shackleton, Year 5 have produced these striking ‘blackout poems.’ They read pages of a book called ‘Survivors’ and then selected key words and phrases to use in their poems. I was particularly impressed by how individual everyone’s work was!

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Year 5 : Trip to a Sikh Gurdwara

We had a great trip this morning to the Ramgarhia Temple in Woolwich. Although we have only been learning about his religion for a few weeks, Year 5 listened very carefully during the visit and asked some excellent questions. They were particularly interested in the holy book and loved learning about how it has its […]

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Decimal Creatures

For their investigation this week, Year 5 were given this challenge: The children tackled the problem with great enthusiasm and were incredibly creative too! Check out some of their creations and calculations below:

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Back to school!

The fantastic Sue Fleet will be running a Being A Parent Taster Session on Thursday the 17th of January and more sessions will follow in the year. See below for details.

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Year 5 Prologues

Over the last two weeks, Year 5 have been writing prologues to their own stories. They have written up the first paragraph onto beautifully decorated paper with their own watercolour designs.

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