Our own Nirvana

Year 4 have been learning all about Buddhism, and found out that Buddhists try to reach a special place called Nirvana. Nobody knows what or where Nirvana is… just that it is ultimate happiness. In groups, we created our own artistic representations of Nirvana, through dance, drama, craft and art… check them out

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The Battle of Bosworth

In 1485, Henry Tudor and Richard III went to battle, and the result changed British history forever. The Battle of Bosworth marked the beginning of the Tudor period, and Year 4 have been reenacting the Battle to help them understand more about it… I can’t wait to read their Diary entries as Henry Tudor about […]

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As an introduction to our new science topic – Sound – we’ve been on a sound walk through the school. We had to listen really carefully for every sound we could hear, whilst remaining totally silent! We discovered that the Year 6 staircase was the loudest are we visited, and the hall was the quietest. […]

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Back to school!

The fantastic Sue Fleet will be running a Being A Parent Taster Session on Thursday the 17th of January and more sessions will follow in the year. See below for details.

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Christmas Haikus

A haiku is a three lined poem with a very special pattern. The first and third lines contain 5 syllables, and the second contains 7. We had a go at writing some Haikus in year 4 on the theme of …. CHRISTMAS! Afterwards, we used water colours to add even more pizzazz to our poems. […]

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Collage self-portraits

Giuseppe Arcimboldo is an Italian artist who used collage to create fantastic portraits using fruits and vegetables. Year 4 have combined their art topic (collage) and their RE topic (Christmas symbolism) to create some intriguing pieces of art work inspired by Arcimboldo. We used only Christmas symbols to make a self-portrait, using our imagination and […]

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Our writing!

Children from across the school presented some of the fantastic writing that’s being going on in class. From kenning poems to news reports, trip recounts to persuasive letters – excellent work all round!

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Photo collage

Using photomontage techniques inspired by German artist Hannah Hoch, year 4 have created some weird and wonderful collages of some famous faces. Can you spot who?

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This was a fairly typical response to the maths investigation set to Y4 today. Taking a systematic approach makes a seemingly complex task fairly simple!

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