Getting under our skin in LKS2

Years 3 & 4 have been going more than skin-deep in Science this week as we find out about skeletons and muscles. We learned that both of these essential parts of our bodies offer support, protection and movement. As one child said, without a skeleton, “We’d just be a skin bag of flesh on the […]

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LKS2 History

Last week in history, LKS2 learnt about what ancient Rome was like and the Roman social hierarchy. Ancient Rome We did some research around what clothing, shopping, entertainment, schools and housing was like in Ancient Rome. Then, we presented our research to the class. Romans Social Hierarchy We learnt about who was who on the […]

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Mosaic Masters in LKS2

As a companion to our Emperors and Empires History topic, we’ve been looking at mosaics as an art form. We began by looking at examples of mosaics from Roman times and marvelled at how well-preserved some of them were. We looked at commonly-used border patterns and tried imitating them. We then saw how mosaics are […]

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Evaluating our pottery in LKS2

LKS2 have spent several weeks designing, refining and making pots based on Prehistoric Bell Beaker pottery. This week, we used our analysis skills to ascertain what went well, what could have been improved and what was difficult about the process. The children also recorded the techniques involved in making their pots and were surprised by […]

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Through the Ages

LKS2 have been learning about the prehistoric period this half term. They have been busy creating their Horrible Histories magazines about the prehistoric period to showcase everything they know about The Stone Age, The Bronze Age and The Iron Age.

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