Black History Week Assembly

Today, classes came together in a special assembly to share their learning from our Black History Week activities. It was an amazing showcase of learning which included artwork, writing, poetry, cooking, small world play and an amazing collaborative collage of Nelson Mandela from Year 5. It was clear from the children’s enthusiasm, what a great […]

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Inspirational black sportspeople.

For our black history celebrations, year 4 have been learning about important, groundbreaking sportspeople. We each researched our own inspirational person, and did a short presentation to the class about why they were so awesome. Did you know that Jesse Owens is really called JC Owens, but he’s been known as Jesse ever since his […]

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Year 4 has gone dotty!

During maths on Wednesday, we investigated how many ways we could draw a multiplication using dots. Did you know that 3x4x2 is the same as 2x4x3?! In fact, we found 6 different ways to draw that one sum using dot arrays!

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Steel drums

Year 4 have been having loads of fun getting loud with the steel drums. Check out the song we’ve been rehearsing with the wonderful Mr Brown.

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A taste of India

Today, Year 4 transported themselves to India as we made some tasty pakoras. They are a traditional Indian snack, made with a spice mix called garam masala. They were particularly yummy with turmeric and mint dip! We used the skills we’ve been learning in maths this week to accurately measure mass, and tomorrow we will […]

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Making Lassis

Year 4 have had a rather delicious week making mango lassis. We used our maths measurement skills to accurately measure our ingredients, and wrote up some exceptional recipes in literacy. Recipes available upon request 😉

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Year 4 in the wild

Our first science topic in year 4 is Living things and their Habitats. Today we investigated our local habitats with a trip to Manor House Gardens, where we looked for living things in the pond habitat, field habitat and garden habitat. We found some fascinating mini beasts and used identification sheets to discover what plants […]

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