Conductors and insulators

Today, year 4 designed their own investigation to find out which materials were conductors and which were insulators. We found out that metals conduct electricity, but rubber and plastic doesn’t- which is why wires are cases in plastic. It was great to see some great teamwork and problem solving throughout.

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Is forgiveness always possible? That’s the question that Year 4 have been exploring this term. This week we shared our own experiences and thoughts about forgiveness, and presented to the class. Then we wrote our own prayers with repeating lines and decorated them using themed watercolours that reminded us of forgiveness. Miss Higgitt was really […]

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Battle shapes

In our quest to conquer coordinates, year 4 have been battling one another on geo boards to sink each others’ shapes! First, we made shapes on our geoboards using elastic bands, and worked out the coordinates of the vertices. Next, we translated our shapes in the quadrant. Ultimately, we tried to guess the coordinates of […]

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Hand print art

Year 4’s new art topic is printing. They kicked off the topic by getting messy! Using their handprints, year 4 have created some marvellous artwork displaying a body print as something different. Miss Higgitt was really impressed with everybody’s creativity and originality and thinks we’ve all produced fantastic artwork that we should be proud of!!!

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It’s electric!

Year 4 have got their new science topic off with a bang- electricity. We have already been on a hunt around to school, identifying electrical appliances and finding out how they are powered. Afterwards we even made our own electrical circuits without any instructions to try and make the bulb light up. By problem solving […]

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Matt Groening

Matt Groening is the creator of the most famous family in the world… The Simpsons. After having a go at drawing some of his best loved characters (Bart and Homer), we had a go at drawing another famous family using his simple, fun style… The Tudors!

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Countdown Numbers

Year 4 love challenging themselves with countdown numbers rounds. We do at least one a week in our maths lessons. It’s a great way to practice addition, subtraction, number facts and times tables! Sometimes, we even do better than Rachel Riley! If you would like to practice at home, or even challenge the whole family, […]

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