Leek and Potato soup in Enrichment

This afternoon, we made leek and potato soup. We cut up some celery first. Then we washed the leeks and peeled the potatoes. After that, we added water and vegetable stock and waited for the soup to cook! When the vegetables were cooked through, we used stick blenders to make the soup smooth. Blog entry […]

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UK cities

Year 4 have been getting to know our home country… the UK. We used atlases to find the names of major cities across the 4 countries of the UK, and then described the directions you’d take to travel from one to the other, using key vocab like ‘north-east’ and ‘south-west’.

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UK skipping song

To kick start our new topic- The UK- Miss Higgitt taught us a playground song she remembered from when she was at school. It helps us to remember the 4 countries of the United Kingdom.

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Potion making

This week in maths, we have been learning all about volume and capacity. What better way to learn, then to get practical? Using our maths learning, we had to help the Powerpuff Girls defeat evil Mojo Jojo in 3 cunning challenges. First, we had to follow a recipe to create an antidote. Then we had […]

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Year 4 have gone dotty!

To show our understanding of multiplication, we used dots in groups to represent number sentences. Then, we used the same dot arrays to prove that it doesn’t matter which way around the numbers are, the answer is still the same. In fact, we found 6 different ways of showing the multiplication 4x3x2

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Powerful Black Sportspeople

In Year 4, for black history month, we have been learning about the incredible careers of some black sports people: Simone Biles, Marco Itoje, Ade Adepitan and Dina Asher Smith. For Art, we have used a technique called ‘neofuturism’ to show how powerful and skilful these athletes are, using coloured paper to show movement. Check […]

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Sculpture enrichment

On Friday afternoon, sculpture enrichment group have been using clay to create pieces inspired by Niki de saint Phalle. Firstly, we moulded our animal sculptures out of clay, and once it had dried we used a glue and paint mix to add a glossy colour to our wonderful creations.

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We have learnt how to use algorithms and coding to control robots. We have written an instructional program for our robot partner to draw the shape we want.

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