Viking life

We went on a treasure hunt for find facts about the Vikings. We then used our new facts to answer tricky questions in a game. The aim was to sail from Norway to Britain in your longboat before your competitors.

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As part of our RE learning, we’ve learnt about a really important guy called John who baptised Jesus in the River Jordan. People still get baptised today for similar reasons to Jesus all that time ago. We watched a baby being baptised, and heard some adults reasons for being baptised later in life. We then […]

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How well do we clean our teeth?

Year 4 have been learning all about the digestive system, starting at the beginning… the mouth. This week we investigated how well we brush our teeth. First of all, we brushed our teeth as normal, and then we used special tablets (plaque disclosing tablets) to show up any areas of our mouth that hadn’t been […]

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Years 3 and 4 meet a Viking!

Years 3 and 4 had a great day visiting the Museum of London on Friday, where we met a real Viking! We had a glorious walk along the brand new pedways (high-level walkways) from Moorgate tube station to the Museum, and got to see some of the original wall which was built hundreds of years […]

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To kick off our science topic (the digestive system) we have been learning all about the first stage of digestion – chewing. Using mirrors, we investigated the inside of our own mouths, to see the different types of teeth we have. From incisors to wisdom teeth, we discovered why our teeth are different, and even […]

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International craft

Last week, year 4 had fun finding out about South African culture for international week. We looked at the patterns and colours used by the Ndebele people and used them to inspire our own key rings using buttons. Check out our pencil cases and backpacks to see our creations

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Drama in RE

In RE this half term, year 4 are exploring the question; “is it okay to disagree?” We learned about the bible story ‘Mary and Martha’ which is about two sisters who disagree about how to behave around Jesus. We then used the story to inspire modern day stories with disagreements, and resolutions.

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Making poo

In science today, we recreated our digestive system and transformed food into poop. We used different everyday objects to represent different parts of the digestive system – for example we used tights as intestines. As you can imagine, it was a messy, stinky job, but we had fun!

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