Year 4 measurement

In maths this week, Year 4 are getting to grips with different measurements including capacity, weight and length. Today, we had a go at estimating and measuring lots of different objects, fluids and even body parts.

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Iron Man sculptures

Our most recent art topic has been sculpture, so we have been perfecting our technique using wire. It’s really fiddly and takes a lot of practice but I’m sure you’ll agree our hard work and perseverance has paid off. In pairs, we have sculpted The Iron Man, based on pictures and descriptions in the Ted […]

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Symmetrical patterns

This week year 4 have been investigating all things symmetrical. Today, we used pegboards to create symmetrical patterns with different lines of symmetry; vertical, horizontal and diagonal. Can you tell which lines of symmetry our patterns have? Some might even have them all!

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Plaque attack

How well do you brush your teeth? Today, we investigated this question using disclosing tablets. After brushing our teeth, we chewed a tablet which stains plaque purple to see how much we had missed. It was interesting to see how much plaque was hiding down by our gums. We then discussed how we could take […]

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Science Museum

On Wednesday, year 4 visited the Science museum to explore the Wonderlab exhibition. They had a fantastic time seeing science in action with all of the hands on exhibits. We even had the chance to see some real life explosions and fireworks in a live show … it was so cool!

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Paint a picture with words

In Year 4 this week we have been looking at how we can paint a picture with words – using descriptive language. Firstly, our partner had to describe a scene in detail for us to picture.. with our eyes closed! We’ve been learning about using similes to help our reader visualise our scene and showed […]

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Intruder in Year 4

Word on the street is that Gangsta Granny is out stealing jewels again. To protect our precious valuables we have designed burglar alarms to catch her in the act if she enters our homes.

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Please do not feed the animals…

Year 4 have been writing poetry this week, focusing on poems by Irene Rawnsley, Richard Brown and Robert Hull. As a class, we have rewritten Robert Hull’s poem – Please do not feed the animals. Its the summer holidays and we’re at the zoo. ‘Please do not feed the animals…’ Please do not feed the […]

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Forgiveness photography

Our task today was to capture a photograph that told a story of forgiveness. We tried to get the perfect composition, exposure, light and shade to capture the right mood and then we edited our photos back in the classroom to make them wonderful pieces of art.

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