International Day Update

I’m really glad to hear that you are all talking about it! It’s going to be a lovely celebration. Here are some answers to your questions and I will be back on Monday if you’d like to come and talk to me about it. Is it a festival? Well, the children will be doing activities […]

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Learning about Mezuzot in LKS2

We have continued our learning about Judaism by finding out about the mezuzah. The word, which literally means ‘doorpost’, is used to refer to a small scroll of parchment, upon which is written two biblical passages from the Book of Deuteronomy. These passages remind Jewish people of their obligations to G-d and reminds them of […]

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International Day…help needed!

This year we will be having International Day after a two year gap. It would be lovely to come back with a bang and with that in mind we would really appreciate your input. For those parents who have participated before, your views on what we could add or change would be fantastic. For new […]

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Contour lines in LKS2

In geography today, year 3 and 4 learnt about contour lines and topography. We had a go at creating some contour mountains, which came out AMAZING! We worked in out pairs to slowly trace and cut out our different intervals before gluing them together.

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LKS2 Atmospheric Perspective

LKS2 have been exploring atmospheric perspective in Art this half-term. We learned about the background, middle ground and foreground of landscape paintings and discovered how the light hits each part differently to produce a sense of perspective. This made us think about the science of light, and how we see, in order to try and […]

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Classification Keys in LKS2

Years 3 & 4 have been learning about how scientists use classification keys to identify living things, based on their observable characteristics (the things that you can see). We used keys to sort different pond animals, in order to identify them, then made our own keys in order to identify a different set of animals. […]

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GEography in LKS2

Last week Year 3 and 4 learnt about erosion, deposition and transportation. We took our knowledge into the playground to make these amazing processes happen. ErosionWe put our trays of sand on an angle to let gravity work its magic when pouring water into the ‘source’. After two controlled pours, we tipped the water into […]

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