Fantastic flowers in LKS2

Years 3 & 4 have learned about the essential part flowers have to play in the reproduction of flowering plants. We looked at different flowers and used magnifying glasses and careful observation skills to identify and label the different parts of a flower. We then found out how pollination and fertilisation occur and how some […]

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More template work in LKS2 DT

We’re practising our sewing on a regular basis in order to prepare for our monster keyring project, and have spent this afternoon looking at how to use materials efficiently. We looked at how we could tessellate our templates in order to minimise wasting of materials. There were some very creative solutions in evidence!

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Classe 4 aiment les fruits!

Year 4 have brought the carnival spirit to the classroom as we use song and dance (well, conga) to help us learn vocabulary for our ‘Bon Appetit!’ French topic this half-term. We’re doing a great job of asking and answering questions using key vocabulary and will be ordering food and drink in ‘Cafe Classe Quatre’ […]

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Templates for finger puppets

We’re continuing our preparatory work for our textiles project by starting to use templates in order to produce identical copies of something. We were tasked with making two identical finger puppets so had to draw our template, cut it out carefully and use it to produce two duplicates. Measuring skills were needed to ensure that […]

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Parts of a Plant LKS2

Years 3 & 4 have recapped some of their previous learning about plants in order to get us going on our Summer 2 Science topic of plants. Their recall of the parts of a plant was very impressive and we have investigated the function of each plant. MRS GREN, our acronym from last half term’s […]

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LKS2 have turned travel agent in order to show off their Geography learning from this half-term. They have showcased the best of the USA in beautifully designed and written leaflets, all of which detail physical and human features of this vast nation including the wealth of Native American culture that all tourists should learn about. […]