Crack the code

Y3 took on an investigation that introduces the concept of algebra, with coloured shapes representing numbers. Many of the class went on to set their own algebraic problems for their partner. What a class!

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Y3 Hornets & Wasps in action

Thanks to St. Matthew Academy for a brilliant afternoon of football in glorious sunshine. Everyone in the Wasps team played with a superb attitude and determination and particular mention has to go to Maxton for some superb work as a striker, and Albion, for some brilliant goalkeeping. The Hornets were equally impressive, with a great […]

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Black History Week Assembly

Today, classes came together in a special assembly to share their learning from our Black History Week activities. It was an amazing showcase of learning which included artwork, writing, poetry, cooking, small world play and an amazing collaborative collage of Nelson Mandela from Year 5. It was clear from the children’s enthusiasm, what a great […]

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Year 3 feel the force!

May the force be with you… It’s all about forces in Year 3 this half term. How much force will it take to make a toy car move on different surfaces? How do magnets work? How strong are they? Can you turn them on and off? Are all metals magnetic? These questions, and many more, […]

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Year 3 visit Crofton Roman Villa

We’ve had such a busy start to the year, we’ve barely had time to tell you about it! We had our first trip last week, to Crofton Roman Villa, in Orpington, where we looked at the remains of a Villa which had lain buried underground for hundreds of years. We made mosaics, did brass rubbings, […]

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Y3 intensive swimming!

In July and October, we hire Colfes swimming pool and two coaches to provide two series of intensive swimming lessons. The total time spent in the pool for each child is roughly five hours across the week, equating to 10-11 regular swimming lessons. The advantages of this approach to swimming lessons are that: We have […]

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Henri Rousseau Art

Year 3 have finished their fabulous oil pastel pictures in the style of Henri Rousseau. They are now on display in our classroom. Here is an example of some of the pictures on display.

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