KS2 French

Now that we have developed our vocabulary, we are starting to use it in sentences. First of all, we read a description of two monsters, to see if we could translate it using the vocabulary we were familiar with. Then we applied this to our own sentences, thinking of numbers and descriptions of monster body […]

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Shark tracking in LKS2

We are coming to the end of our Blue Abyss topic, which has been an amazing half-term’s worth of learning for adults and children alike. We investigated Marine Biology today and the children were amazed to find that, should this be your chosen career, you can spend your time studying the incredible diversity of ocean […]

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Switching on the Science in LKS2

Years 3 & 4 investigated switches in science this week. Using our knowledge of circuits, we discussed what a switch does, how it works and where it can be positioned within a circuit. We then had a lot of fun experimenting with different switches and even managed to make a switch out of a paper […]

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Oil spill artwork in LKS2

Continuing to use our Geography work as a stimulus, LKS2 produced some beautiful marbling this afternoon, using water and oil-based marbling inks. We dropped the marbling inks onto the water than moved them around on the surface before carefully laying our watercolour paper on top, submerging it and removing it before leaving it to dry. […]

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Learning about baptism in LKS2

LKS2 have continued their learning about Christianity by looking at the importance of baptism in the Christian faith. We found out that Jesus himself was baptised and the way that baptism can welcome people into the church family and give them the opportunity to have their sins forgiven and to start afresh. We then had […]

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Printing coral reefs in LKS2

We’ve had such a creative afternoon in LKS2 producing abstract artwork representing coral reefs. In response to our Geography work on coral bleaching, we have used our knowledge of tints and shades and collaborated in order to print out own coral reefs where some of our coral is brightly coloured (healthy) some is paler (stressed) […]

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LifeSavers is Back!

The school wants to start up the LifeSavers savings scheme for children again and we can’t do it without your help! Year 5 children, if you enjoy mathematics and would like to be one of our bankers on Tuesday or Friday mornings before school then come and speak to Miss Steer. As soon as we […]

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