Art Inspired by Nature – Year 2

Year 2 have been experimenting with different techniques to create Autumn pictures. They have mixed colours to create different shades of autumnal colours and applied these with fingers tips to make a ground, practised applying colour with sponges for a sky effect and printed with leaves to create trees. They all worked with such care […]

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Y2: Exploring our planet

This week in geography Year 2 learnt about the explorer James Cook and followed in his footsteps, exploring our planet. Rather than set sail across the oceans we used satellite images, globes and atlases to find the North Pole, South Pole and Equator, as well as lots of different countries and continents.

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Y2: Explorers

In geography this week Year 2 used maps to explore our school grounds and find where some famous explorers were hiding. They then marked up their maps to show the location of each explorer and the route they took too find them. We then learnt the names of the seven continents, by means of a […]

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LifeSavers is Back!

The school wants to start up the LifeSavers savings scheme for children again and we can’t do it without your help! Year 5 children, if you enjoy mathematics and would like to be one of our bankers on Tuesday or Friday mornings before school then come and speak to Miss Steer. As soon as we […]

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Acting kind- year 2 RE

Year 2 are continuing their focus on kindness and learning the bible story of The Good Samaritan. We have completed our display of kind hearts that the children wrote and decorated. This week we used drama to explore what kindness looks like in action. The children worked so hard to act out scenarios such as […]

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Y2: Land Ahoy!

Year 2 kick-started their new geography topic today by singing sea shanties and making pirate hats. We then looked at pirate treasure maps, identifying the human and physical features using the key. Looking at a map of the school grounds we spotted a mysterious X. Could it be treasure? Who would get there first?

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