Year 2 Visit the Horniman Museum

Today Year 2 went on a trip to the Horniman Museum. They held some amazing stuffed animals and learnt about their habitats. They followed a trail around the Natural History gallery to find other amazing animals. We finished off our visit to the small farm where we saw alpacas, sheep and rabbits.

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Giant Clocks in Year 2

To start off our week on time in Year 2 we made giant clocks. We used multilink cubes to count out the minutes in 5s, digit cards for the numbers and had our own hour and minute hands to practise during the lesson.

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Ojo De Dios in Year 2

In Art Year 2 made some Mexican “God’s Eye Craft”. Traditionally these are made when a child is born in Mexico and yarn is added each year during their childhood. For Mexican Christians it represents God watching over the child. It was a very fiddly crafting challenge but Year 2 showed great resilience during the […]

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Mexico in Year 2

Year 2 got off to a great start to their topic today by comparing the UK and Mexico. We used atlases, the internet, pictures, flags and songs to make a profile of each country. We also enjoyed learning about the flag from one of our resident experts and finished off with a mini quiz. Enjoy- […]

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Punctuation Superheroes in Year 2

Today in our SPAG lesson we did some group work on deciding how to end our sentences. We acted out our sentences including the punctuation using our best superhero stances! Finally, we applied our knowledge when writing our own questions, exclamations and sentences. Year 2 have certainly come back to school on form!

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