Egg Shell Experiment Year 2

As part of our Human Body topic this half term, Year 2 have been looking at the impact of sugary drinks on teeth. We submerged eggshells in different sugary drinks and made predictions about the results. Over the next week we will record our observations by taking photos of the changes. I wonder what we […]

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Healthy Eating in Year 2

Whilst learning about a healthy diet, Year 2 looked at the nutritional values of various foods. We discovered the salt, sugar and nutritional content written on variousĀ  pieces of food packaging and some results were very surprising!

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Aboriginal Art in Year 2

This term in Art we are learning about different types of printing. Today we drew patterns and used cotton buds to create colourful dot paintings. We were inspired by Aboriginal dot paintings and images of the Australian outback.

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Mexico Day Year 2

We have had a fantastic day in Year 2 rounding off our Mexico topic. We have made guacamole, salsa and prepared drinks. We have also had our picture taken on a Mexican beach(using the green screen), made maracas, had a go at paper decorations, written postcards and read Mexican stories. Well done Year 2!

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The Resurrection in Year 2

Today in RE we learnt about Christian beliefs regarding the resurrection. We watched a section of the “Miracle Maker” and saw the two appearances of Jesus to Mary and to his disciples. We spoke about how everybody is allowed to believe different things. We then made Easter cards based on Christian beliefs.

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