Y2 DT: neat joins

This week in DT Year 2 practised making neat joins using masking tape to build stable paper bridges. We then explored how to join plastic straws using pipe cleaners. We were delighted to be able to build 3D structures using this new technique.

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Y2 Science: Habitats around the world

Today’s science lesson took us around the world finding out about 8 different habitats. The children designed and illustrated a poster to show how habitats differ and thought about why an animal’s natural habitat is so important. We were very excited to discover that our ants are beginning to move from their small nest in […]

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DT in Y2: Which shape is best?

We continued our work on structures today looking at beam bridges and truss bridges. We noticed that truss bridges use triangles. We made our own triangles using straws and masking tape and tested their strength. We discovered that the sides bend if we apply pressure, but not the point. Our next task was to build […]

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Year 2: RE

Year 2 have started their new RE topic this term which is learning in more depth about Judaism, how Jewish people worship God with a focus on the important Jewish festival of Passover (Pesach). The children started the new term of RE with a high level of interest. They had remembered a lot from their […]

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Y2 Science

This term’s science is all about living things and their habitats. We started our new topic by hunting for living things in the school grounds. We discovered that, on a chilly winter’s afternoon, the mini-beasts of St Margaret’s prefer to stay hidden away but we did manage to find a few tiny slugs, some woodlice, […]

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Building bridges in Y2

In Year 2, we kickstarted our new DT topic on structures with a busy afternoon learning about bridges and having our first go at building simple structures using pieces of cardboard. We then discussed how to make these simple bridges stronger. We looked at beam bridges and decided we needed to build piers to support […]

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Christmas Performances Shine Brightly

The closing days of term have seen three performances that our children are rightly proud of. Early Years acted and sung the Christmas story reflecting just how well they worked during rehearsals. KS1 entertained us with a mix of traditional and modern songs while acting their outdoor, heart warming nativity. KS2 concluded their 6 week […]

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