Year 1 Art

In Year 1 we have been learning about primary colours. We have used these to make our own pictures in the style of Mondrian. These will be on display in our classroom soon!

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Pictograms in Year 1

This week Year 1 have been creating pictograms in Maths based on their favourite colour, 2D shapes, how they get to school, when their birthday is and what their favourite fruit is. They have also answered and asked their own questions about the data produced. Excellent work Year 1!

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A Web of Friendship

In RE Year 1 have been thinking about the question “Is it always easy to be a good friend?” We have discovered times in the Bible when Jesus found it hard but still showed friendship to others. Today we made a web of friendship but thinking about what we value in our own friends.

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What makes a good friend?

During RE in Year 1 we have been thinking about some big questions such as “What makes a good friend?” “Do we need to have friends?” “Is it always easy to be a good friend?” We sorted pictures, solved scenarios and discussed times when it is hard to be a good friend.

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Spring is finally here!

Back in the Autumn the infants helped Miss Cooper and Gemma to plant hundreds of bulbs that we received from a charity. Thanks to the warm weather the plants have now bloomed and are looking beautiful! Check them out next time you are in the playground. Special thanks to Gemma who gave us lots of […]

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