Cooking in Y1

Last week in DT we tasted lots of vegetables and designed our own stew. This week we tested out our recipes. The different stews smelt delicious and tasted even better! Lots of the children want to make their stew at home so here is the recipe: Hot Pot Beans Stew 1 onion, 1 can of […]

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Paper weaving in Y1

Y1 finished their paper kente cloth art today. First we created bold, simple patterns on coloured paper which we then cut into strips and shared amongst our table group. Then we learnt to weave! By weaving the paper strips through our kente paintings from last week we created some fantastically colourful new patterns.

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Food tasting in Y1

This week in DT Year 1 were tasting vegetables and herbs. Once we had tasted and evaluated them, we got together with our cooking group to design a brand new Hot Pot Beans recipe. Everyone tried all the vegetables. We all loved the sweetcorn but were not so sure about the aubergine.

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Designing kente cloth in Y1

Year 1 learnt about kente cloth today. We recognised it from the costumes worn on stage at the Unicorn theatre, when we went to see the Anansi stories. Today we found out that kente cloth originates in Ghana and we learnt what some of the colours symbolise. We made our own kente cloth using pencils […]

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Anansi and the Hotpot Stew

This week, year 1 have been learning about Anansi and the Hotpot Stew so today we cooked our own healthy stew. It was lots of fun and the children loved the taste! This afternoon, they will be evaluating their cooking skills and next week tasting different flavours to help them create their own stew.

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Year 1 science

Year 1 have started a new science topic – Habitats. They have been thinking about whether an object is living, dead or has never been alive and sorted objects into groups. They convinced me that they are living because they can breathe, eat, wee and poo, grow and move. There was a very interesting conversation […]

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