You Choose

Year 1 have been looking at the book ‘You Choose’ and have been talking about where they would like to live. They worked very hard this morning to write sentences about this with full stops.

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A busy afternoon in Y1

This afternoon we found out some more about the Great Fire of London. Everyone then completed lots of different activities in our afternoon carousel including building houses from Lego and sequencing the events of the Great Fire, as well as some maths and handwriting practice.

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Pictograms in Year 1

This morning Year 1 have been learning how to present data in a pictogram. We took a survey of the favourite fruits in the class and in pairs, they made a pictogram. Well done Year 1 you worked very hard!

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Which material?

Today Year 1 were experimenting to find out which material was best to make a boat from, to escape the Great Fire of London. They investigated different materials and thought about the properties. After testing the boats, they concluded that foil (metal) was best.

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Today we released our five beautiful butterflies into the wild. Year 1 and Pre- school both watched in amazement as they flew away.

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