Year 1 -8th July

Good Morning Year 1! Can you have a go at Mr Tobi’s exercises today? Or maybe a Joe Wicks workout? Maths Review – you should have received a maths review for your child via email. Please have a go at completing the 1.2 column and then the 1.3 one. As always, the objectives covered have […]

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Year 1 – 7th July

Good Morning Year 1! 9.30am Live Maths Please join us for the live maths lesson – solving time problems. Have a look at the resources below and then complete pages 118, 119 and 120. If you finish these and would like some more practise, please have a go at IXL R12, R13 and R14. 11am […]

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Y1: Thurs 2.7

Good morning Year 1! Can you solve this riddle? Live maths 9.30am In maths today we are continuing to tell the time, and will find out how to tell the time to the half hour. If you can’t join us at half past nine then please go through these pages with an adult. Today’s work […]

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Y1: Wed 1.7

Hello Year 1. It’s the first day of July! Maths Today we’d like you to work through your maths review (see email) as you did last week. When you’ve finished that choose an online maths activity: IXL – choose any recommended skill that you haven’t completed yet. Numbots – how many challenges can you complete? […]

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Year 1 30/06

Good Morning Year 1! It was lovely to see so many of you on Zoom yesterday, well done for continuing to work hard at home. 9 am – although Joe Wicks is not doing a live workout, can you choose one of the old ones and do that instead? 9.30 am – Power Maths Live […]

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Year 1 29/06

Good Morning Year 1. I hope you have all had a relaxing weekend and are ready to join us on the live lessons today. Try and get a quick Joe Wicks workout in, before we start at 9.30am. 9.30 – Live Maths lesson These are the pages you will need to follow. If you are […]

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Y1: Friday 26.6

Happy Friday everybody. I hope you’ve dug out your sunhats and got lots of suncream on. It looks like it’s going to be another hot day! Live maths 9.30am Today we are starting a new unit on time. Here are the pages will we be looking at during the lesson. Then turn to page 100, […]

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Y1: Thurs 25.6

Good morning Year 1. It’s my turn to have a go at Zoom lessons with those of you at home today, and I’m very excited to see you all! Live maths 9.30am Here are the pictures we will look at in our lesson today. You will also need a piece of paper and a pencil […]

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Year 1 24/6

Good Morning Year 1! 9am Joe Wicks workout Maths Yesterday I emailed you the maths review for today. Please complete column 1.2 on all pages and then have a go at 1.3. All skills have been covered this year and the children are used to the format of these reviews. We will be completing one […]

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Year 1 23/06

Good Morning Year 1. It was so lovely to see lots of you yesterday on our live lessons. I hope you will join us again today! Live Maths 9.30am Below are the resources you will need for the maths lesson. If you are unable to join us, please complete lesson 8 after working through these […]

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