KS1: Pao de quejio

Year 1 and 2 learnt about Brazilian food this week, and had a go at making “pao de quejio” – a cheesy puff made of manioc flour. We made the dough, shaped it into balls and baked them before tasting. They were delicious!

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KS1 discover the Amazon

As part of our Brazil topic, Year 1 and 2 have been journeying down the Amazon, discovering who lives there and what threats they face. We used video clips and maps to find lots of interesting facts, and created our own information posters about the rainforest.

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Washy washy clean scrub scrub song

In Reception we have been recapping how to wash our hands properly. Many of you will remember this song from pre-school, it’s lovely and catchy, so much so it repeats in my head EVERY…TIME…I…WASH…MY…HANDS! It’s fantastic though as it highlights to children how they should wash their hands, as previously so many children were not […]

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