St. Margaret’s Science Fair

Monday’s Science Fair was St. Margaret’s at its finest – staff and children alike showing off what creative, confident, knowledgeable learners we are and what brilliant communication skills the children have. The playground and hall were a hotbed of activity, from Year 5’s mouldy bread (and very testing classification quiz) to Year 1’s sorting animals. […]

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Can you make a drawing dance?

More Science Week fun in the playground at lunchtime. Today, we made a drawing dance. We drew a stick figure on a porcelain plate using a whiteboard marketer, then poured water on it. The drawing began to ‘dance’ and finally lifted off the plate and floated on the water. Usually, a teacher’s heart sinks when […]

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Reception and Year 4 den building

Reception and Year 4 buddied up this afternoon to build den prototypes. Each group had a Year 4/Reception duo working as one of the following roles: project manager, architect, supplier and builder. The children worked so beautifully with each other and showed typical St. Margaret’s creativity, kindness and resilience as well as some very impressive […]

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Years 3 & 4 visit the Science Museum

Years 3 & 4 had a fantastic day out at the Science Museum on Tuesday, where we visited the Wonderlab on Level 3 to explore the zones focused around Matter, Sound, Electricity, Light, Space, Forces and Maths. All of the exhibits are hands-on so the children had the opportunity to (amongst other things) build circuits, […]

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Viscosity of liquids in LKS2

Years 3 & 4 have had a strong Science focus this week, as we continue our learning on the states of matter. We have used our observational skills to draw conclusions about a mystery substance, based on our prior knowledge of the three states of matter (see Year 4’s blog post for details). We have […]

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Bath Bombs in LKS2

Years 3 & 4 have had a lot of fizzy fun making bath bombs this week. From a DT perspective, we talked about designing a product which is fit for purpose and appealing to a consumer. We then discussed the criteria we would need to fulfil in order to make a ‘good’ bath bomb. We […]

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