Years 3 & 4 visit the Science Museum

Years 3 & 4 had a fantastic day out at the Science Museum on Tuesday, where we visited the Wonderlab on Level 3 to explore the zones focused around Matter, Sound, Electricity, Light, Space, Forces and Maths. All of the exhibits are hands-on so the children had the opportunity to (amongst other things) build circuits, […]

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Viscosity of liquids in LKS2

Years 3 & 4 have had a strong Science focus this week, as we continue our learning on the states of matter. We have used our observational skills to draw conclusions about a mystery substance, based on our prior knowledge of the three states of matter (see Year 4’s blog post for details). We have […]

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Bath Bombs in LKS2

Years 3 & 4 have had a lot of fizzy fun making bath bombs this week. From a DT perspective, we talked about designing a product which is fit for purpose and appealing to a consumer. We then discussed the criteria we would need to fulfil in order to make a ‘good’ bath bomb. We […]

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Lego Robotics Coding in Year 3

What a fantastic start to the week! Samia has been in Year 3, delighting the children with visions of a robotic-led future and encouraging the children to get hands-on with Lego robots. We have made an energy-saving fan with flashing lights and sounds and can’t wait for our session next week.

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It’s electric!

Year 4 have got their new science topic off with a bang- electricity. We have already been on a hunt around to school, identifying electrical appliances and finding out how they are powered. Afterwards we even made our own electrical circuits without any instructions to try and make the bulb light up. By problem solving […]

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Engineers of the future in Year 3

Not a day goes by without me being amazed by the creativity, ingenuity and downright brilliance of the children I am lucky enough to teach. We have come to the end of our chariot project and the amount of independent engineering and problem-solving that the children have done is staggering. From debating the relative merits […]

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