Did Jesus have enemies?

Last week, Years 3 and 4 began exploring the question, ‘Is forgiveness always possible?’ We came up with different scenarios which might require forgiving and discussed how we would feel if we were in the victim’s position, whether we could forgive and how hard it would be. This week we explored whether Jesus had enemies […]

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Storytelling in Year 3

We have used the brilliant book, The Mysteries of Harris Burdick to write engaging story openers. We chose the story The Seven Chairs and wrote the beginning of a story which would intrigue our readers and make them want to read on. We then snuggled down on beanbags, shared our writing and gave each other […]

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Take-down poetry in Year 3

We have got off to a fighting start (not literally!) to the half-term in Year 3. We finished writing our Muhammad Ali-inspired take-down poetry and battled with our partners to see who could perform their poem with the most attitude and expression. There were some fierce put-downs showing real creativity and imagination. The crowd were […]

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