Courageous Wildlife Advocates

This week, I received a letter from a group of pupils in Year 5: Dear Mr Wilson. The new nursery extension is not animal friendly and we thought it should maybe be a bit safer, such as having real grass and less concrete. We feel as if hedgehogs and other nature reliant animals should get […]

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Foodbank Delivery

This morning School Council helped to deliver (and unload!) the bulk of our produce. They then had a tour of the foodbank and were told all about how it works. Thank you once again to everybody who donated- the Foodbank are thrilled to have so much stock which they hope will last until Easter. We […]

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Speed bump letters

The letters that year 3 and 4 have written to the council, asking for a new speed bump near the school gates, have now been sent. Keep an eye out on Lee Church Street to see if our persuasion works. Hopefully there’ll be a new speed bump there soon.

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Courageous inspiration

On the way to Greenwich park last weekend, I walked across the Heath and saw a young girl wrapped up warm, with a stall. When I got closer, I realised she was a Year 4 pupil from St Margaret’s. She was selling models made from conkers and she told me about how she was raising […]

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