Darwin’s Discoveries

To start our topic off, Year 5 & 6 put themselves in the shoes of the 8-year-old Charles and began to get into his inquisitive mind. They were sent out into the playground to explore the outside world by collecting natural specimens, making sketches and observing signs of Spring. This then lead them to begin […]

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Food Chains in Year 2

This afternoon, Year 2 have been learning all about food chains. They started off thinking about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and then thought about different food chains for different habitats. Finally, they made a food chain book.

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Viscosity of liquids in LKS2

Years 3 & 4 have had a strong Science focus this week, as we continue our learning on the states of matter. We have used our observational skills to draw conclusions about a mystery substance, based on our prior knowledge of the three states of matter (see Year 4’s blog post for details). We have […]

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What is the mystery substance?

This week, a strange substance appeared in the Year 4 classroom. We tested it to find out if it was a solid, a liquid or gas based on it’s properties. However, this substance didn’t behave as we expected… it could flow like a liquid, but was hard when we punched it – like a solid. […]

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Bath Bombs in LKS2

Years 3 & 4 have had a lot of fizzy fun making bath bombs this week. From a DT perspective, we talked about designing a product which is fit for purpose and appealing to a consumer. We then discussed the criteria we would need to fulfil in order to make a ‘good’ bath bomb. We […]

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Which materials conduct electricity?

Years 5 and 6 recapped electrical symbols before learning the meaning of the words conductor and insulator. They wrote predictions for which materials they thought would conduct the electricity around their simple circuits. They then created the circuits and tested each material, recording the results in a table. Finally, they wrote conclusions about what they […]

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Electronic quiz boards

Year 5 & 6 applied their knowledge of circuits and symbols to create Mexican quiz boards which tested our geographical knowledge. Some of our questions included: Mexico has three climate zones, what are they? Name the two lines of latitude between which you find the tropics? What are the two main bodies of water that […]

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