We’re going on a tree hunt!

Having explored and identified the big trees in our playground (silver birch, black locust and lime), Y1 set off for Manor House Gardens to identify two more tree species (London Plane and Horse Chestnut). We took maps of the park and used a key to record where we saw each type of tree. It was […]

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Tyres for hire

Like last year, we are encouraging families to ‘hire a tyre’ and grow their own plants over the summer term. We have some donations from the fair if anyone would like to get involved but hasn’t got any plants! It’s free and you simply plant what you want and look after it!

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Ducks out, Ants in!

Reception is operating a strict one species in, one species out policy at the moment. Just as our ducks were transported away to their lovely new home on a farm, we set up our own farm on a smaller scale…an Ant farm!

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The ducklings have landed!

Reception have some visitors and have an incubator set up in class. One egg hatched this morning and we have been learning about the lifecycle of a chicken and a plant today. Year 6 helpers helped us discuss the words nutrition and photosynthesis.

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