Science in Preschool

Whilst making a fresh batch of salt dough we have been mixing in the ingredients in different combinations. We know that salt dissolves in water and that this is called a solution. When we added flour we talked about the consistency changing and what a solid feels like in comparison to a liquid.

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Fantastic flowers in LKS2

Years 3 & 4 have learned about the essential part flowers have to play in the reproduction of flowering plants. We looked at different flowers and used magnifying glasses and careful observation skills to identify and label the different parts of a flower. We then found out how pollination and fertilisation occur and how some […]

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Treemazing Trees

Year 2 started a series of science lessons on how important and amazing trees are for humans, animals, birds, insects, plants and the planet. The children were able to share their existing knowledge about trees and build upon it. We discussed the many ways that trees benefit the planet and help support life. We kept […]

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Parts of a Plant LKS2

Years 3 & 4 have recapped some of their previous learning about plants in order to get us going on our Summer 2 Science topic of plants. Their recall of the parts of a plant was very impressive and we have investigated the function of each plant. MRS GREN, our acronym from last half term’s […]

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