Year 2 Carousel

What a busy week we have had! Activities on our carousel this week included practising writing our numbers, making a prediction as to which material will make the best umbrella in our Science experiment next week, playing “forfeit” Snakes and Ladders where the forfeits are active tasks, making collage letters in Art and putting the […]

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Year 4 in the wild

Our first science topic in year 4 is Living things and their Habitats. Today we investigated our local habitats with a trip to Manor House Gardens, where we looked for living things in the pond habitat, field habitat and garden habitat. We found some fascinating mini beasts and used identification sheets to discover what plants […]

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Material Detectives

Reception have been using their powers of deduction to sort materials in their teams. We have been learning all about how to take care of the environment and recycle our plastic in fun ways!

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Yr. 4 – The Digestive System

We learnt the basic parts of the digestive system in humans and what the parts do. We used orange juice, as the acid in our stomachs, water as saliva; for food we used bananas and crackers. First, we chewed up our food and mixed it with saliva before swallowing. The food then travelled down the […]

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