UKS2 Science

When one parachutes from a plane, what stops them from falling to Earth with a bump? Air resistance! In this lesson, we investigated air resistance, and hypothesised how we could increase air resistance to make our parachuter fall slower. Each group investigated a different variable; parachute size, sting length and parachute material. We had to […]

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LKS2 classifying plants

Continuing our work on classification, we turned our attention to plants this week. Using the playground and wildlife area, we found different leaves and photographed them, ensuring that our photographs showed evidence that allowed us to answer the classification questions: Stalk or no stalk? Simple or compound leaves? Is the edge of the leaf smooth, […]

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Aristotle vs Galileo

If you drop two objects from the same height at the same time, which would fall first? Would the heavier one fall faster? Or does the mass not effect the speed of fall. These were two theories devised by Aristotle and Galileo. We investigated the effect of gravity on objects by dropping identical canisters, one […]

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Science in LKS2

Last week in science we learnt about how classification can help us identify different species. Sorting species into groups based on similarities helps people to know which living thing is being talked about and helps scientists be sure they are investigating the same species We created our own classification keys to help us identify sea […]

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UKS2 Science

This week’s Science lesson in UKS2 was a total drag… literally! The children learned about the force of friction. They conducted an experiment to test how much friction is produced by different materials. Using a Newton meter, the children measured the force used to drag a weighed-down plastic tray along several materials. To make sure […]

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Year 2 Science – PLANT LIFE!

Today we started our new science project; All About Plants- their life cycles, how they grow, what they need to thrive and the vital role they play in our planet’s ecosystem. We all shared our existing plant knowledge and talked about the planting and observing we would do in the coming weeks to discover so […]

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