Sound Scientific Thinking in Year 3

We have continued our work on Sound by designing, carrying out and evaluating an investigation to explore the question, “Does a sound get fainter as you move further away? ” We used measuring skills with a metre tape and a datalogger to carry out our investigation before evaluating the results and discussing no how we […]

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The Artistry of Sound

Year 3 have been leaning about sound. We know that it travels in waves and that the height and shape of the wave tells us whether it is loud or quiet and low or high-pitched. We used our knowledge to produce some vibrant artwork showing different sound patterns.

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Lego Robotics Coding in Year 3

What a fantastic start to the week! Samia has been in Year 3, delighting the children with visions of a robotic-led future and encouraging the children to get hands-on with Lego robots. We have made an energy-saving fan with flashing lights and sounds and can’t wait for our session next week.

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