Conductors and insulators

Today, year 4 designed their own investigation to find out which materials were conductors and which were insulators. We found out that metals conduct electricity, but rubber and plastic doesn’t- which is why wires are cases in plastic. It was great to see some great teamwork and problem solving throughout.

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Year 6: Evolution & Inheritance

Last week, Year 6 built a line of 400 Multi-Link bricks in order to represent almost 5 billion years of the world’s life (each brick equalling 12.5 million years). We placed important world events on the line including the evolution of humans (who only appeared at the very end of the last brick). We then […]

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Year 2 Visit the Horniman Museum

Today Year 2 went on a trip to the Horniman Museum. They held some amazing stuffed animals and learnt about their habitats. They followed a trail around the Natural History gallery to find other amazing animals. We finished off our visit to the small farm where we saw alpacas, sheep and rabbits.

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It’s electric!

Year 4 have got their new science topic off with a bang- electricity. We have already been on a hunt around to school, identifying electrical appliances and finding out how they are powered. Afterwards we even made our own electrical circuits without any instructions to try and make the bulb light up. By problem solving […]

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Pets at Home Year 2 Science

In Science we have been learning about what all animals (including humans) need to survive. We became “Pets at Home” experts by using their website to carry out some research into what we would need to provide different animals in order to keep them alive. Please see our experts below for some advice!

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