Rainy Monday!

The learning doesn’t stop even if the rain carries on! We have been turn taking and investigating capacity and containers in the downpours.

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Year 5 science

In Year 5, we have been putting our knowledge of properties of materials to the test. Last week, we recapped vocabulary such as: conductor, insulator, magnetism, transparency, hardness, toughness and solubility. This week, we did an experiment to test solubility by making salt solutions. We learned about saturation points and attempted to make saturated saltwater […]

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Year 5 trip to the Grant Museum

Year 5 went on a trip to the Grant Museum of Zoology to refresh our learning about Darwin and evolution. There were so many specimens all packed into one room that wherever we looked, there was always something new to see! From enormous African elephant skulls to snake skeletons to micro-organism slide specimens, we saw […]

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Reception – Science

Did you know bamboo can grow a metre a day!? This first photo was taken last Monday. The most recent was taken today! Just 8 days later! We spoke about how we could measure the bamboo. Although we used a metre stick we also had a chat about how if we used children as a […]

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Year 6 Science

Before we head off to secondary school and science becomes more about Bunsen burners and field trips, we have been talking a lot about what it means to be a good scientist. From creating hypotheses and planning fair tests to displaying results and sporting patterns, we are thinking and working like scientists. Today’s hypothesis to […]

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