Year 1’s Caterpillars

Year one have been looking after caterpillars for the last week and watching as they change. They have grown a lot and we are now waiting for each of them to change into a chrysalis. Pop in and see them if you get the chance!

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Making poo

In science today, we recreated our digestive system and transformed food into poop. We used different everyday objects to represent different parts of the digestive system – for example we used tights as intestines. As you can imagine, it was a messy, stinky job, but we had fun!

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Deptford Creek adventure

As part of their rivers study, Year 5 visited Creekside education centre. We learned all about the different features of a river and looked at different maps and time lapse video to get more of an understanding of how our local rivers connect and change with the tide. We did some labelled observational sketches of […]

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Getting to know our bodies

In science this week, year 4 investigated the function and location of different body parts. We had to stick postits on our partner where we thought that organ was. Afterwards, we draw diagrams using oil pastels to show all the different organs involved in the digestive system. They look very vibrant on black paper.

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New teachers in Year 3!

Year 3 have been treated to sessions with new teachers this morning – all of whom look rather familiar… Our awesome Year 6 students have been working really hard to plan lessons for other classes in the school. This select group have been lucky enough to investigate friction and forces under the expert eyes of […]

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Egg Shell Experiment Year 2

As part of our Human Body topic this half term, Year 2 have been looking at the impact of sugary drinks on teeth. We submerged eggshells in different sugary drinks and made predictions about the results. Over the next week we will record our observations by taking photos of the changes. I wonder what we […]

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Plaque attack

How well do you brush your teeth? Today, we investigated this question using disclosing tablets. After brushing our teeth, we chewed a tablet which stains plaque purple to see how much we had missed. It was interesting to see how much plaque was hiding down by our gums. We then discussed how we could take […]

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Healthy Eating in Year 2

Whilst learning about a healthy diet, Year 2 looked at the nutritional values of various foods. We discovered the salt, sugar and nutritional content written on various  pieces of food packaging and some results were very surprising!

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