As an introduction to our new science topic – Sound – we’ve been on a sound walk through the school. We had to listen really carefully for every sound we could hear, whilst remaining totally silent! We discovered that the Year 6 staircase was the loudest are we visited, and the hall was the quietest. […]

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Under the Sea

Today Year 1 have been learning about jellyfish and how the seasons can change their habits. We watched some captivating clips of jellyfish and how they move together, we then used crayon and paint to make our own jellyfish pictures.

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Habitats in Year 2

Year 2 have created habitats and thought carefully about which animals live in them. If you want to take a look at our habitat gallery, pop into Year 2 to see the finished products!

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A rocking Science carousel in Year 3

Year 3 rock! Well, they certainly did on Wednesday afternoon, when we got stuck in to this term’s Science topic of Rocks. Having determined that rocks can be grouped into 3 main categories – igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic – we set out to investigate them further. We looked at them under microscopes and through magnifying […]

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Engineers of the future in Year 3

Not a day goes by without me being amazed by the creativity, ingenuity and downright brilliance of the children I am lucky enough to teach. We have come to the end of our chariot project and the amount of independent engineering and problem-solving that the children have done is staggering. From debating the relative merits […]

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DT chariot design

We’re nearing the end of our learning about the Romans, but can’t do so without investigating their superb engineering skills. We are spending the next couple of weeks focusing on DT as we make models of Roman chariots. We watched a chariot race and identified what functions a chariot needed to perform. We then made […]

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