What is Tik-tok? It’s a social media app that gives users the opportunity to share 60 second short videos with friends, family or the entire world. Does your child have older siblings using Tik-tok? Is it OK to let primary-aged children use it? Our advice is no. However, if you decide that you are going […]

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Year 1 – Healthy Minds

This week is Children’s Mental Health week and Year 1 have been focusing on ways to keep our minds healthy. First we read Beegu and explored the idea of bravery. Year 1 thought this meant: When you are strong When you are doing something scary Trying something new When you have courage Asking for help […]

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Speed bump letters

The letters that year 3 and 4 have written to the council, asking for a new speed bump near the school gates, have now been sent. Keep an eye out on Lee Church Street to see if our persuasion works. Hopefully there’ll be a new speed bump there soon.

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Speed bumps

This week, year 4 have been tasked with persuading Lewisham council to install another speed bump outside our school gates. We regularly see drivers speeding past the school gates, even during home time! To start off, we looked at the road, and anything that already exists to slow drivers down. Although there are already speed […]

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Road safety project

This week is road safety week and Y3&4 have been tasked with helping me make a case for introducing an extra speed bump on Lee High Road, just before the school gates. For those who walk to school, you will know that sometimes cars can pick up speed after the speed bump further down the […]

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Lee High road safety

Following an incident this morning when a group of parents with buggies were almost hit by a car who did not stop at the lights, please remember to take care crossing even when it is a green man. This is the time of year when we talk in assembly about road safety (before the summer […]

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Choking warning

Following two incidents involving choking on ‘gobstoppers’ purchased from the dispensers outside the Pistachios cafe in Manor House Gardens, we urge parents to be aware of this potential danger.

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