Intergenerational meeting

This afternoon, our school council members went to the Lee Green community centre to meet up with some older residents living locally to find out a bit more about their lives. They asked questions and listened attentively! As one resident commented, “they are very patient listeners and confident at talking with adults.”

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inspirational women in science

Following International Women’s Day on Tuesday and the beginning of British Science Week today, it was fitting for us to continue on the theme of challenging stereotypes in our KS2 assembly. We watched the video below and also reflected on the inspirational work of Professor Sarah Gorbett.

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Over the past few weeks, children in KS2 have been reflecting on what it means to show empathy. We’ve looked at what this actually means, using the phrase, “Put yourself in their shoes.” as a guide and we watched a video which helps to illustrate this point, actually using shoes! 😁 We’ve also thought about […]

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An inspiration to us all …

This week we looked at eight more black icons that are an inspiration to use all, several of whom were already familiar to the children … Yerim, in Year 6 also shared an eloquent review of Ghost Boys by Jewell Parker Rhodes in assembly, which we have been reading in our book club. To quote […]

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Proud to Be

It’s Black History Month and this year the theme is ‘Proud to Be’. Each week, we’re looking at individuals, past and present, who have had to face prejudice and racism but have achieved great things. We hope that they serve as an inspiration to everyone! This week the children had to match the inspirational people […]

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Wisp, a story of hope

Today children learned about a boy called Idris, who lives in a refugee camp and dreams of living somewhere safe he can call home. We also talked about how our £1 donations tomorrow will be going to help children like Idris who are refugees living in Lewisham.

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Respect yourself and others

Over the past two weeks in assembly we have been thinking about what it means to respect yourself and others. We used Ellie Robinson’s speech as inspiration for showing self respect and we unpicked the following straplines: Accept who you are Be the best that you can be Treat others how you would wish to […]

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