Well-being room

Our well-being room is almost complete. Through purchases from charity shops, donations and DIY we have transformed the former ‘rainbow room’ into a tranquil, calm space for children to go if/when they need it. It’s also being used for play therapy sessions and as a learning space for small groups. The last addition we are […]

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Find your brave

Raoul in Y6 opened our assembly this morning with his first public piano performance. It introduced the theme of the talk perfectly as it certainly required bravery on Raoul’s part! The children were asked ‘What is bravery?’ and ‘What can get in the way of being brave?’ and some of the responses, particularly from year […]

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Online safety

Over the coming weeks, KS2 are exploring how to stay safe online and what online relationships are. Today they were asked the question: Is being kind online the same as being kind offline? We watched a short video and discussed the similarities and differences. The key message was that the principles remain the same: Be […]

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