International Day…

Get those outfits ready! What will you wear on the day? Will it be a National costume, your favourite football team’s shirt or a beautiful outfit that shows your character off the best? Time to get planning a day off from wearing school uniform.

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International Day Update

I’m really glad to hear that you are all talking about it! It’s going to be a lovely celebration. Here are some answers to your questions and I will be back on Monday if you’d like to come and talk to me about it. Is it a festival? Well, the children will be doing activities […]

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Reception – Music

As many of you will know I am sure, we have been busy rapping! Here is a video of us rapping in class! We love this rap as it includes many of our favourite books! If you check Mc Grammar on YouTube you will find this rap along with many other great raps!

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International Day…help needed!

This year we will be having International Day after a two year gap. It would be lovely to come back with a bang and with that in mind we would really appreciate your input. For those parents who have participated before, your views on what we could add or change would be fantastic. For new […]

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Reception – Science

So as you know we have been learning about fertilisation in plants, so of course we wanted to know more and learn all about bees! Here is a GREAT demonstration of how bees create honey! Enjoy! Despite the great demonstration some of you may be wondering what exactly is going on. Reception will be able […]

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Reception – Science

Today we learnt about fertilisation! We looked at the stages of growth in flowers but in dandelions in particular. Watch our video to find out what fertilisation is! We will be continuing to be learning about plants and trees at school, but would love you to tell us what your favourite flower is! We would […]

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