Pests and Peaches Art Gallery

We thoroughly enjoyed our drawing lesson from Quentin Blake and I’m sure you’ll agree that the finished results are brilliant. We have a whole host of centipedes and a pile of flying peaches on the walls so do ask Mrs Peters if you’d like to come and have a look.

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Awful Aunts – the forgotten sister

Year 3 have just started reading James and the Giant Peach and we’ve decided that James’s awful aunts aren’t quit awful enough on their own. Inspired by Ronald Dahl’s wonderful language (and the glorious sunshine) we have started to make up a new, long-lost sister for the terrible twosome of Sponge and Spiker. You’d better […]

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Riddle me this…

Year 3 have been writing kennings – riddles in the form of poems. Every line has 2 words – a noun then a verb – and they describe something without naming it. Each child wrote 3 kennings and chose their favourite to perform and publish. Our poetry readings were great fun and the children’s performances […]

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