Riddle me this…

Year 3 have been writing kennings – riddles in the form of poems. Every line has 2 words – a noun then a verb – and they describe something without naming it. Each child wrote 3 kennings and chose their favourite to perform and publish. Our poetry readings were great fun and the children’s performances […]

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Celebrating writing in Year 3

The beautiful poetry that Year 3 wrote as part of our Black History Month celebrations is now the focal point of the classroom as the stunning artwork that the children have produced forms a gorgeous backdrop to their poems. We talked about what it means to be free, how freedom makes us feel and the […]

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Reading helpers wanted

We are looking for some parent volunteers to hear children read -across the school, but particularly in Reception. If you can spare half an hour a week, perhaps one lunchtime or an afternoon before pick up, please let Mrs Soares Winter know. Thank you.

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Crime Scene in Year 1

Today, Year 1 came back from assembly to find a potential crime scene in the classroom! Our book, Detective Dog, had been taken and some clues left behind. Year 1 were excellent detectives, just like Detective Dog, and from the clues worked out who had done it! Luckily it was only Charlotte who had borrowed […]

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Phonics workshops

Reception parents and carers were invited to attend a phonics workshop repeated after school throughout this week and these were really well attended. Thank you! We hope that the workshops were informative and will help you support your child at home with reading and ‘sounding out’. Remember there is a full video guide on sound […]

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