Year 5 Book Tasting!

Christmas came early to Year 5 this week, as we were lucky enough to get a new delivery of exciting books for our class library. The children looked at a selection of the books, reading the synopses, identifying the genres and skimming a few pages to see the styles of writing. This helped them to […]

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Book Tasting in Y6

We have been lucky enough to have a fresh injection of books into our bookshelf this half term. To get to know them, we had a book tasting course where we had an introduction to each of 15 new books. We chatted with our partners about which ones tickled our fancy, and made notes to […]

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An inspiration to us all …

This week we looked at eight more black icons that are an inspiration to use all, several of whom were already familiar to the children … Yerim, in Year 6 also shared an eloquent review of Ghost Boys by Jewell Parker Rhodes in assembly, which we have been reading in our book club. To quote […]

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Preschool set the scene…

This week we have learned what a setting is and looked at the different settings in some of our favourite books and tv shows. Then we drew some settings of our own and built some too. We started to find lots of settings hiding in our classroom that we could have fun describing to our […]

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Book tasting in Year 6

With so many incredible new books on our class library shelves, today we had a menu tasting of 15 new books to see which ones we fancy reading. We spent a minute or two looking at each new book, discussing it with our partners and making notes of any that we liked the look of.

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Preschool w/c 1st June

Welcome back! I hope you’ve had a lovely week in the sunshine and that you are all safe and well 😃☀️ I am writing reports and have five specific activities that need to be completed and uploaded to Seesaw this week so I can use them as evidence. You have all been working really hard […]

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Preschool 18/5

Have fun collecting sounds and writing letters today with the help of the Alphabocks. All of you are doing really well at writing the letters in your name and some of you are even writing the other letters left in the alphabet! If you know the sounds of the letters in your name, you can […]

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Preschool 11/5

Well the weather is looking like it’s going to be cloudy and windy so there’s only one thing for it, let’s build a den! Below are some ideas for garden dens and dens in the home with suggestions for ways to engage and extend learning. You’ll need to keep your strength up with all this […]

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Preschool 5/5

Let’s do the shop together this week! Have fun exploring number by creating a mini shop at home today. If you’re feeling full of energy you could even bake some of the things that go in the shop itself. By now, children will have noticed how food shopping has played a big part in their […]

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