Lent Call Thank You

5 events, £500 raised for Lent Call and £200 raised for Red Nose Day! Thank you for your generosity and support for every event. Thank you also goes to our School Council who decided on the events and helped to organise them. As a result, they will be taking the money to a special service […]

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Hollywood Day!

A huge thank you to everybody who took part in the photo shoot. The photos should arrive shortly. We raised a lot of money for Lent Call! Thank you also to school council who gave up their lunchtime to run the event.

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The Resurrection in Year 2

Today in RE we learnt about Christian beliefs regarding the resurrection. We watched a section of the “Miracle Maker” and saw the two appearances of Jesus to Mary and to his disciples. We spoke about how everybody is allowed to believe different things. We then made Easter cards based on Christian beliefs.

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Forgiveness photography

Our task today was to capture a photograph that told a story of forgiveness. We tried to get the perfect composition, exposure, light and shade to capture the right mood and then we edited our photos back in the classroom to make them wonderful pieces of art.

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Next week sees the last event of Lent Call- a Magic Competition! During the week your teacher will decide who will compete in the final on Friday 5th April. Please have your entries ready for Monday to perform as well as your £1 to enter.  



Is forgiveness always possible? That’s the question that Year 4 have been exploring this term. This week we shared our own experiences and thoughts about forgiveness, and presented to the class. Then we wrote our own prayers with repeating lines and decorated them using themed watercolours that reminded us of forgiveness. Miss Higgitt was really […]

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