UKS2 Art and RE

This half term, our key question in RE has been ‘Is the Christmas story true?’ As well as discussing which parts of the story require the most faith, we have wondered whether it really matters- and what a Christian can learn from the nativity story. To finish our topic, we have made beautiful watercolour artworks […]

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One, two, tree!

A massive thank you to the kind elf that gave us this Christmas tree, you have a heart of gold! We have had great fun decorating it today and even have a star on top created by an artist in residence 😊⭐️ 🌲.

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Lent Call Big Project

At St Margaret’s every child has helped to create a tea towel to raise awareness about plastic pollution. See below for our design and watch this space for the finished product…! When it is up for sale all proceeds will be going to the Bishop of Southwark’s Lent Call.

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Did Jesus have enemies?

Last week, Years 3 and 4 began exploring the question, ‘Is forgiveness always possible?’ We came up with different scenarios which might require forgiving and discussed how we would feel if we were in the victim’s position, whether we could forgive and how hard it would be. This week we explored whether Jesus had enemies […]

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RE Silent Debate

Year 5 & 6 took part in a silent debate which got the children thinking about a range of questions linked to commitment, faith and spirituality. They rotated around the class placing post-it responses based on seven questions including: Which pillar of Islam do you think is most important? If you could add a 6th […]

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Mala beads

To round off our learning on Buddhism, years 3 and 4 have made their own mala beads. Buddhists use mala beads to remain focused during meditation as they repetitively chant mantras. We wrote our own positive mantras and used buttons and wire to create malas that we can use to inspire ourselves and promote good […]

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KS1 visit the Jewish Museum

Year 1 and 2 had a wonderful time at the Jewish Museum in Camden on Friday. We have been learning about the festival of Passover and the Exodus from Egypt in RE , and at the museum we were able to find out more, handle artefacts and even taste the special foods Jewish people eat […]

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Buddhist visitor to Years 3&4

LKS2 welcomed Lee to the school on Monday afternoon. He was representing the London Shambala Centre and came to talk to us about Buddhism. He was kind enough to share his experiences of Buddhist practice, show us some of the artefacts he brought with him and to answer our many questions before leading us in […]

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