Year 5 & 6 RE

This half term Year 5 & 6 have been exploring the learning question “How do Christians show commitment to God?” During some in-depth discussions about commitment they have shown how thoughtful and reflective they are. We’ve learnt that people chose to show commitment to God in a variety of ways and that it is a […]

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Year 1&2 RE

Year 1 and 2 continue to explore friendship and ask questions about whether it is always easy to be a good friend. This week we looked at the bible story of Jesus showing friendship to Zacchaeus the tax collector, who was hated by many. The children discussed being open-hearted, giving people a second chance and […]

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RE in reception

This week we talked about all the special people in our lives and how we can show people we care about them. We also shared that for Christians, Jesus is very special. We looked at the children’s bible and talked about all the stories we have about Jesus that help Christians to live their lives. […]

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Learning about Mezuzot in LKS2

We have continued our learning about Judaism by finding out about the mezuzah. The word, which literally means ‘doorpost’, is used to refer to a small scroll of parchment, upon which is written two biblical passages from the Book of Deuteronomy. These passages remind Jewish people of their obligations to G-d and reminds them of […]

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Happy Easter

Children from Reception to Year 5 finished the term singing songs which told the Easter story. Many were keen to join in with their instruments. It all made for a fun, musical project for this time of year.

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Forgiveness in LKS2

Year 3 and 4 have been learning about forgiveness this term in RE. Over the past few lessons we have looked at what forgiveness might look like in our lives and how we need to let go of things in order to be able to forgive. We wrote down something we wanted to let go […]

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Reception – R.E

It was quite a beautiful day today in Reception! Yesterday we had the difficult chat with the children that one of our ducks had sadly died and gone to heaven. We spoke about how our loved ones look down on us from heaven, how they think of us, and when we are feeling sad or […]

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