As part of our RE learning, we’ve learnt about a really important guy called John who baptised Jesus in the River Jordan. People still get baptised today for similar reasons to Jesus all that time ago. We watched a baby being baptised, and heard some adults reasons for being baptised later in life. We then […]

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A Visit From Lewisham Foodbank

Last year School Council were asked which people they would like to help in our community. Almost every member stated they would like to help people without food or who were homeless. As a result, our assembly this morning was delivered by Carol who informed us all about Lewisham Foodbank. School Council had their first […]

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I will be a hummingbird

This morning we looked at the following verse from the Bible: “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Protect the rights of all who are helpless.” We reflected on what we can actually do and took some inspiration from the wisdom of Wangari Maathai, who reminds that we should all be doing the […]

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RE in Year 2

What a brilliant start to the year! This afternoon Year 2 looked at our school values to think of ways they could use them as guidance in their own classroom. They acted out different scenarios in which they were showing resilience, kindness and creativity. Some fantastic ideas were shared and we had a great game […]

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Resilience Awards in Year 2

As part of our RE learning in Year 2 we have been exploring courage and resilience. For homework, Year 2 had to choose somebody from their lives and write a Resilience Award for them. We listened to each other’s inspiring stories. After that, we learnt about three people from the current news who have shown […]

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