Is it ever ok to lie?

In RE this week Year 5 started thinking about their big question of the half term – ‘What is the best way to show commitment to God.’ The children had some great ideas which we will explore over the next few weeks. We had a ‘silent debate’ thinking about the question ‘Is it ever ok […]

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One Church, Three Venues

Term got underway with a wonderful whole school assembly led by Reverend Tim Goode the new St Margaret’s Lee Church Rector (and Boris the accordion)! With 10 tips on being happy, it certainly put everyone in a very positive frame of mind. Tim will be leading school assembly on most Mondays and he will often […]

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Baptising babies

Year 4 have been learning about special ceremonies that are performed in Christian churches – from baptisms to weddings to funerals. Have a look at some of the christenings that they staged…

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A Web of Friendship

In RE Year 1 have been thinking about the question “Is it always easy to be a good friend?” We have discovered times in the Bible when Jesus found it hard but still showed friendship to others. Today we made a web of friendship but thinking about what we value in our own friends.

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