Is forgiveness always possible? That’s the question that Year 4 have been exploring this term. This week we shared our own experiences and thoughts about forgiveness, and presented to the class. Then we wrote our own prayers with repeating lines and decorated them using themed watercolours that reminded us of forgiveness. Miss Higgitt was really […]

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Year 6: Is Christianity still a strong religion 2000 years after Jesus was born?

Year 6 have discussed different representations of INFLUENCE and have shared stories of people who have influenced our own lives. After a passionate debate, we also voted for the top 10 influencers of all time. In order to fully answer our key question, we have researched a range of sources online (looking at festivals, symbols, […]

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Ash Wednesday

Rev Tim led a wonderful service this morning and our school councillors read the prayers very well. Towards the end of the service the children and adults were invited to receive an ash cross on the forehead, an Anglican tradition to mark the beginning of Lent and remind us of our mortality.

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Ojo De Dios in Year 2

In Art Year 2 made some Mexican “God’s Eye Craft”. Traditionally these are made when a child is born in Mexico and yarn is added each year during their childhood. For Mexican Christians it represents God watching over the child. It was a very fiddly crafting challenge but Year 2 showed great resilience during the […]

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Easter Art in Year 5

Yesterday in RE, Year 5 started to think about the word ‘destiny.’ What does it mean? Do they believe in destiny? We discussed the Easter story and Jesus’ crucifixion and thought about why Jesus died on the cross. The children then created some agamographs ( a type of art which look different from different directions.) […]

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