Year 5 & 6 at The Unicorn Theatre

Upper Key Stage 2 braved the snow this morning as we travelled to London Bridge to watch The Bee in Me. It tells the story of a nameless 10-year-old hero who has to tackle a difficult world on his own. It had some interesting themes and encouraged the children to use their imaginations to paint […]

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Year 1 – Healthy Minds

This week is Children’s Mental Health week and Year 1 have been focusing on ways to keep our minds healthy. First we read Beegu and explored the idea of bravery. Year 1 thought this meant: When you are strong When you are doing something scary Trying something new When you have courage Asking for help […]

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Courageous Wildlife Advocates

This week, I received a letter from a group of pupils in Year 5: Dear Mr Wilson. The new nursery extension is not animal friendly and we thought it should maybe be a bit safer, such as having real grass and less concrete. We feel as if hedgehogs and other nature reliant animals should get […]

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Well-being room makeover

We are redesigning the room behind the library, formally known as the rainbow room. We want to make it a calm space for children to relax and have some quiet time, as well as a place for play therapy. Our budget for this is small and we are looking for any contributions of the following: […]

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Take-down poetry in Year 3

We have got off to a fighting start (not literally!) to the half-term in Year 3. We finished writing our Muhammad Ali-inspired take-down poetry and battled with our partners to see who could perform their poem with the most attitude and expression. There were some fierce put-downs showing real creativity and imagination. The crowd were […]

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Black History Month in Year 3

We’ve learned an awful lot about Black History this month – the origins of Black History Month, why it is so important, what it means for us all as citizens of the world and how we can learn from lessons of the past. Together with Year 4, we have focused on Black sportspeople and their […]

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Salad design

In food technology enrichment today, we designed our own salads. Alongside the designing, we had to chop, slice and grate in preparation for making our masterpieces. It was also a great opportunity for children to try new foods – nearly everyone in the group tried spinach and sugar snaps – many of them for the […]

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Healthy Eating

Today we were very lucky to have Chartwells in school to deliver an assembly about healthy eating. We learnt about the different food groups and the benefits of each. Thank you Chartwells for such an enjoyable and informative assembly.

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