Year 1 maths

Uh oh! The printer seems to have eaten some of our numbers! We had to figure out what numbers were missing and made our own working in pairs. Funnily enough in our Powermaths books we had to find missing numbers on a number line, what a coincidence!

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Year 1 Maths – Capacity

This morning, Year One started to look at capacity in maths. We were introduced to key words to help us describe if a beaker was empty, half full or full (at capacity). We took an even closer look at our beakers and we discovered, just like measuring length or mass, there are measurements to help […]

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Exploring patterns- year 2.

Year 2 had so much fun in maths today creating and exploring patterns. They had to identify complicated repetitions of up to five different shapes in different colours and positions. They also had to work out which part of a pattern would be placed in a much later position. The children all applied their problem […]

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y2 measuring with metres

We’re learning about measuring in maths at the moment, so we dug out the trundle wheels and the metre sticks and measured everything we could in the hall. We discovered that while you can fit a double-decker bus in the hall, the doors aren’t wide enough to actually get it in!

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Systematic problem solving in Year 2.

Year 2 continue to develop and reflect upon their problem solving skills. This morning we talked about what it takes to solve problems- the children were full of ideas including thinking about different ways they can find a solution, trying out different solutions, making mistakes (trial and error) and working in a team. We then […]

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Year 1 DT – Just paper?

Wow, What a lesson! Today, Year One we’re investigating how shaping materials can impact how stable a structure can be. We experimented with lots of different ideas to see how many blocks 1 sheet of paper can hold! We started thinking about how we cod reinforce our structures to make them even stronger! How many […]

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