Fred Talk!

Fred the frog has been helping us out today with our sounds. We even helped him by making words after he sounded them out!

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Reception- maths

This week as a treat I got the children a magazine, many of the children are football obsessed so I got a football magazine with stickers. This gave the children the opportunity to look at the different football clubs, and use their phonics to sound out these clubs. It also gave us the chance to […]

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Milk bottle lids!

We have been having lots of fun with our phonics by using recycled milk bottle lids. We would love to have more milk bottle lids, if possible some red and blue lids would be great! We have been working on hearing and saying the initial sound in words, we are also learning to link sounds […]

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Year 2 Carousel

Last week on our carousel was Art inspired by Matisse cut-outs, Science- planning our Princess and the Pea Experiment, Maths- scavenger hunt practising writing number words, phonics games for the “ee” sound and Meccano.

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Phonics workshops

Reception parents and carers were invited to attend a phonics workshop repeated after school throughout this week and these were really well attended. Thank you! We hope that the workshops were informative and will help you support your child at home with reading and ‘sounding out’. Remember there is a full video guide on sound […]

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