Year 2’s Plant Hospital

Year 2 scientists know what plants need to thrive. They are also able to observe poorly plants and identify what they may need in terms of a recovery plan. Year 2 went on a ward round in the playground identifying dehydrated, light starved, over crowded and malnourished plants. Thankfully most plants, shrubs and trees were […]

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Classification Keys in LKS2

Years 3 & 4 have been learning about how scientists use classification keys to identify living things, based on their observable characteristics (the things that you can see). We used keys to sort different pond animals, in order to identify them, then made our own keys in order to identify a different set of animals. […]

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Geography fieldwork in LKS2

Years 3 & 4 have visited Manor House Gardens this week in order to observe the Quaggy River as part of our Geography learning for this half-term. We used 4-digit references to locate Manor House Gardens before we left and also looked at satellite and pictorial maps of the area. When we arrived at the […]

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Vortex data in Year 4

Year 4 combined Athletics and Maths on Monday afternoon. We practised throwing the vortex and then recorded our data before using the Numbers app on our iPads to put this information into a table and a chart. We’ll be using this to track our progress during the term.

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Plant Life in Year 2

Year 2 started learning about the fascinating lives of plants today starting with seeds and germination. The children already know a lot about what seeds need in order to start growing /germinate and were interested to learn some more scientific details such as that seeds are dormant and have a store of energy to help […]

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