Year 6: Noun Hunt

Year 6 went on a noun hunt in the playground. They had to find common, proper, collective and abstract nouns and put them into a table. Finally they solved a spooky anagram to complete the task.

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Year 2 GFOL Trip

Today Year 2 went on a guided tour of some of the sights of the Great Fire of London. First of all they stopped on London Bridge to see Tower Bridge, then they went to the monument followed by Pudding Lane. After wandering the narrow streets nearby they ended up at All Hallows By the […]

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Viking life

We went on a treasure hunt for find facts about the Vikings. We then used our new facts to answer tricky questions in a game. The aim was to sail from Norway to Britain in your longboat before your competitors.

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On Fridays, we dance!

In preschool we loved listening and dancing on a Friday, so we thought we would continue this in reception! The children particularly liked Reet Petite by Jackie Wilson, as you will see in the videos to follow! We also planted some flowers in welly boots! We will be caring for these in our classroom and […]

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