Seesaw update

Dear parents and carers, This week is a transition week, during which teachers are still using the blog to communicate and using Seesaw for specific tasks. This is to primarily to allow teachers (and families) time to get used to the new learning platform. The hope is that in time we will move towards all […]

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Seesaw remote learning app

Dear parents and carers, This week we are setting up a remote learning app called Seesaw. From next week, class learning will be shared through this app rather than the blog. Why are we changing? The blog was always a temporary measure and although the teachers have used it really well, it does not really […]

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What is Tik-tok? It’s a social media app that gives users the opportunity to share 60 second short videos with friends, family or the entire world. Does your child have older siblings using Tik-tok? Is it OK to let primary-aged children use it? Our advice is no. However, if you decide that you are going […]

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Sky studios

Year 6 visited Sky Academy Studios in west London today to make a news programme highlighting the pros and cons of social media. As part of the project, the children learned about identifying and using reliable sources and creating a factual news account. On the day, they had opportunities for operating cameras (worth £15,000!), presenting, […]

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Online safety

Over the coming weeks, KS2 are exploring how to stay safe online and what online relationships are. Today they were asked the question: Is being kind online the same as being kind offline? We watched a short video and discussed the similarities and differences. The key message was that the principles remain the same: Be […]

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Staying safe online

Today, Year 1 had their first computing lesson. We learnt how to stay safe when using the internet by following 3 simple rules. 1. Always ask permission to use the internet. 2. Never talk to strangers online. 3. Only go to places that are right for you. Next week we are going to start coding!

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