Nursery lunchers

I’ve had a lovely lunchtime this week, getting to know our new nursery children. They have done amazingly well, eating their lunch in the hall with the older children. Eve summed up a busy week by nodding off mid-lunch! A well-earned weekend!😁

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Growing strawberries!

We have been having lots of fun growing strawberries (we were lucky enough to have a hanging basket full of strawberries given to us!). We have been keeping a close eye on them and watering them every day! We know to check with an adult before we pick the ones we think are ready! Here […]

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Smoothie making!

Today we made smoothies! We made a banana and strawberry smoothie, followed by a spinach, kale, avocado and kiwi smoothie. Funnily enough the spinach smoothie was not as popular! We discussed why it was healthy and why we should eat it, but, most of all, we had lots of fun!

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Yum yum!

To end our week we did some baking! Even though I may have over cooked some of them! Sorry! “I’d like one of the chocolate flavour ones!” “Sorry, they’re not chocolate they’re just a little burnt!”

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Our pizza parlour!

Thank you for bringing in pizza related items! We have added them to our pizza parlour and we are having lots of fun writing receipts, taking orders, and creating our own pizzas #preschool #nursery!

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Summer fun!

Brilliant, summer is here! We had lots of fun with water over the past 2 days. Here are some photos and videos of us! As you can see we had lots of fun! So much so we had to put waterproofs on to stop us from getting TOO wet! #pre-school #nursery

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Beanstalk fun!

Although we are now reading monkey puzzle and learning about animals and their young, we have been super interested in beanstalks so we have continued this partially this week. Some of our parents may have heard about a beanstalk growing in our classroom, and, it’s true! We caught it on camera! (We turned the volume […]

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