Carnival Of The Animals

KS2 children are linking their music and French by listening to and appraising The Carnival Of The Animals by Saint-Saëns. The short, humorous musical descriptions of a wide variety of animals is a perfect compliment to the animals topic being covered in French this half term.

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Years 5 & 6’s music project this half term is themed around Motown. We’ve already looked at the role of a record company in the music industry and started to explore how Motown created their own sound. If any parents have Motown music they can play around the home it would be a wonderful addition […]

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Hip Hop

Years 5 and 6 have just completed a six week project on hip hop and rap. As a musical genre which is now so prominent in the world around them they found it enlightening to explore it’s musical features, history and social context, as well as listening to and appraising some of the landmark recordings.

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Music Around The World

Years 3, 4 and 5 have spent several weeks exploring music from different countries. With a particular look at China, India, Turkey, Sudan and Polynesia we have listened to examples, learnt about the traditional instruments used, and discussed in some detail the styles and structure of the music.

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Young Music Critics

Some classes listened to a wide selection of Christmas songs today, from traditional carols through to contemporary pop, as they played a fun game to find their class favourite. The winning songs were: Year 1: Rockin’ Around The Christmas TreeYear 2: All I Want For Christmas Is YouYear 4: All I Want For Christmas Is […]

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Years 5 & 6 Jazz

Years 5 & 6 have just finished a lovely half term’s project about jazz. With a focus on the saxophone family we explored key features of jazz, listened to some of the great players, and had everyone playing along in a couple of pieces.

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