Position and Direction board games

We’ve been using a map-style board game to practise our work on position and direction. We have a town plan and a series of challenges: placing things on the map; locating different landmarks; using points of the compass to describe location and describing quarter, half, three-quarter and full turns to navigate from place to place.

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Angles in Year 5

This morning after Park Run, Year 5 recapped their knowledge of angles. With permission (!) they labelled any acute, right, obtuse and reflex angles and then found parallel and perpendicular lines on the tables. The children then started to think about angles facts, for example angles in a triangle add up to 180 degrees.

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Personal Trainers at your service

Year 3 have spent this term’s Science lessons learning about the human body – more specifically, diet, nutrition, exercise, skeletons, muscles and movement. We have approached our learning as a project, by acting as Personal Trainers. Every group was allocated a client, each of whom had specific goals to achieve and we were tasked with […]

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How fit am I?

In year 4, we conducted our own fitness tests. We first learned how to measure our pulse, and then exercised intensively for 1 minute. Then, we recorded our pulse every minute for 6 minutes. When we plotted our data on a line graph, we could see how fit we were. We compared our heart rate […]

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