Year 4 measurement

In maths this week, Year 4 are getting to grips with different measurements including capacity, weight and length. Today, we had a go at estimating and measuring lots of different objects, fluids and even body parts.

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Symmetrical patterns

This week year 4 have been investigating all things symmetrical. Today, we used pegboards to create symmetrical patterns with different lines of symmetry; vertical, horizontal and diagonal. Can you tell which lines of symmetry our patterns have? Some might even have them all!

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Crumbs! Cooking in Year 3

We rounded off last week with a bit of D&T in the form of cooking crumble. The filling was never in question – it had to be peach! We used a recipe by Jack Monroe, famous for her website, cookingonabootstrap. Jack is a writer, journalist and activist who campaigns on poverty issues, particularly relating to […]

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Odd or Even?

Today Year 1 have been investigating odd and even numbers. They were given a set of statements such as, if I add two even numbers the answer will always be even, and asked to find out if they were always, sometimes or never true. They worked well in pairs and came up with some great […]

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Battle shapes

In our quest to conquer coordinates, year 4 have been battling one another on geo boards to sink each others’ shapes! First, we made shapes on our geoboards using elastic bands, and worked out the coordinates of the vertices. Next, we translated our shapes in the quadrant. Ultimately, we tried to guess the coordinates of […]

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