Battle shapes

In our quest to conquer coordinates, year 4 have been battling one another on geo boards to sink each others’ shapes! First, we made shapes on our geoboards using elastic bands, and worked out the coordinates of the vertices. Next, we translated our shapes in the quadrant. Ultimately, we tried to guess the coordinates of […]

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Giant Clocks in Year 2

To start off our week on time in Year 2 we made giant clocks. We used multilink cubes to count out the minutes in 5s, digit cards for the numbers and had our own hour and minute hands to practise during the lesson.

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A busy Friday morning in Year 5

To complete our week’s learning on money, Year 5 were tasked with working out how much some of their favourite meals and snacks cost. They used the Tesco website to ‘shop’ for the ingredients. Lots of mathematical skills were required including rounding and estimation. After break we made the most of the warmer weather by […]

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