Monday movers!

Preschool are full of beans today. So, when we are not designing boats that float or making lemon smelling salt dough then we are working out with Joe Wicks!

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Reception – maths

We have been enjoying colouring using our maths skills! We had to add two numbers together and check the key to see what colour we should use. We count on our fingers, use Rekenrek and bead strings to help us if needed!

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Vortex data in Year 4

Year 4 combined Athletics and Maths on Monday afternoon. We practised throwing the vortex and then recorded our data before using the Numbers app on our iPads to put this information into a table and a chart. We’ll be using this to track our progress during the term.

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Reception – Maths

In Reception we have been playing cards! In particular Go Fish! Go Fish and similar card games get us thinking about numbers, patterns of number, and subitising. We can also start thinking about how to win by remembering who asked for what number.

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Reception- maths

This week as a treat I got the children a magazine, many of the children are football obsessed so I got a football magazine with stickers. This gave the children the opportunity to look at the different football clubs, and use their phonics to sound out these clubs. It also gave us the chance to […]

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Reception – maths

Today we amazed Miss Sheppard with our maths skills! We were able to use a key, a tricky job in itself, to help us colour our picture. Not only did we use a key, we had to answer maths questions! These included addition and subtraction within 20.

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The simplest game at first glance. But it teaches us to share, take turns, learn our numerals and see patterns!

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Year 1 Maths – Capacity

This morning, Year One started to look at capacity in maths. We were introduced to key words to help us describe if a beaker was empty, half full or full (at capacity). We took an even closer look at our beakers and we discovered, just like measuring length or mass, there are measurements to help […]

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