Year 2 Carousel

What a busy week we have had! Activities on our carousel this week included practising writing our numbers, making a prediction as to which material will make the best umbrella in our Science experiment next week, playing “forfeit” Snakes and Ladders where the forfeits are active tasks, making collage letters in Art and putting the […]

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Year 5 World Cup

This week year 5 have become expert World Cup Analysts! First we collected some official FIFA data and drew it as graphs. Then we looked at real FIFA data analysis graphs and answered some questions about the entire tournament. We even wrote some of our own questions to test our peers!

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Pictograms in Year 1

This week Year 1 have been creating pictograms in Maths based on their favourite colour, 2D shapes, how they get to school, when their birthday is and what their favourite fruit is. They have also answered and asked their own questions about the data produced. Excellent work Year 1!

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