Preschool 22/6

Walk the plank ye spluttering scoundrels! It’s going to be hot on your desert islands this week, could you make a shelter out of sheets outside? What about having a picnic and spying some friends who are more than two metres away by telescope? Remember, if you’re not at school I have recommended a great […]

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Preschool 8/6

Good morning Nursery. Please continue to upload evidence to Seesaw from last week if you haven’t already done so. Definitely continue to work on them writing the letters in their names. There are five tasks to be looked at this week. 1. Continue with name writing and if this has been achieved start to look […]

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Preschool w/c 1st June

Welcome back! I hope you’ve had a lovely week in the sunshine and that you are all safe and well 😃☀️ I am writing reports and have five specific activities that need to be completed and uploaded to Seesaw this week so I can use them as evidence. You have all been working really hard […]

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Preschool 19/5

Let’s ask the Numberblocks to help us find different ways of making 10 today! Numberblocks, Series 2: Ten: via @bbciplayer And finally, well done with all your work with the Alphablocks. Keep writing your names and practising the letters in the Alphablocks episode. Have you still got your Small World and shop at home? […]

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Preschool 13/5

Let’s get mathematical! One of you has a lovely hundred square in their garden which reminded me of the fabulous game of Bingo and a few other games that need hardly any resources but are great fun. Try some of these today! The pairs game. Have you got a pack of cards at home? If […]

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Preschool 6/5 Expanding Business!

I am so proud of you Nursery class! You have started several small businesses and so far I have seen a garden centre 🌷🌺🌼 a supermarket 🥫🏪 🛒a couple of bakeries🧁🥧 and a shop that seemed to have shoes 🛍AND cake which is music to my ears! Someone even opened a theatre 🎭 . Carry […]

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Preschool 5/5

Let’s do the shop together this week! Have fun exploring number by creating a mini shop at home today. If you’re feeling full of energy you could even bake some of the things that go in the shop itself. By now, children will have noticed how food shopping has played a big part in their […]

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Preschool 28/4

Congratulations to this clever gardener for not just growing amazing veggies but also decorating the pot of one as well ☺️👍 Today I would like you to sort the plants that you are growing into size order. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen any shoots yet, you can always change this to sorting toys, boxes, […]

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