Measuring in Y1

Year 1 had a busy maths lesson today, learning about measuring using non-standard units. They used cubes to measure and compare the length of different classroom objects.

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Maths Magic

Year 6 were set the challenge to figure out the original deck order of Mr Demeger’s card trick. They used the investigative skill of ‘working backwards’ to work out how the trick was done. Finally, they created their own tricks using a secret deck order designed by themselves.

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Year 5 and 6 Mexican Innovate

The children were set the task of creating a holiday itinerary for a family of 4 who wanted to travel to Mexico. Their first task involved scheduling and budgeting for a flight to and booking a hotel in Mexico’s capital: Mexico City. They then had to plan 6 days of fun incorporating our learning about […]

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Nursery Post Office is open !

We have been working in the Post Office, using the till and writing messages to each other. We know that you have to put a stamp on an envelope and that you have to weigh a parcel. The children have been mark making as well as writing their names and counting from 1-10 with the […]

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Code breaking in Year 3 Maths

Eat your heart out, Bletchley Park, Year 3 are codebreaking champions! Using our trial and improvement skills, we filled in a blank 100 square by decoding symbols representing the 10 digits and working out how they fitted together in order to fill the square from 1 – 100. Mrs Peters was astounded by how quickly […]

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Roman dominoes

Year 4 have made our own game of dominoes, using our new knowledge of Roman numerals. We will bring them home so be prepared for a challenge parents!

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