Year 2 Carousel

What a fun carousel we have had this week! Science experiment on absorbency- which material should Mr Messy use to clear up his spillage? Phonics sentences on the “er”, Maths word problems on doubling and halving, Art 3D balloon making and geo boards pattern making!

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Crack the code

Y3 took on an investigation that introduces the concept of algebra, with coloured shapes representing numbers. Many of the class went on to set their own algebraic problems for their partner. What a class!

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Maths Treasure Hunt

This week Year 1 have been working very hard to master the skills of addition and subtraction using a number line. Today they went on a maths treasure hunt, working out the answers to word problems and then hunting around the playground for the correct number. Alongside the answer was a letter so if they […]

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Year 4 has gone dotty!

During maths on Wednesday, we investigated how many ways we could draw a multiplication using dots. Did you know that 3x4x2 is the same as 2x4x3?! In fact, we found 6 different ways to draw that one sum using dot arrays!

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Fun in nursery!

This week we have had lots of fun! Here are some photos of what we have been up to! Yes Mr Wilson we caught you dancing like a pirate!! Below you can see pictures of us dancing to just dance, finding treasure using chop sticks, playing with our interactive maths display, practicing our fine motor […]

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A taste of India

Today, Year 4 transported themselves to India as we made some tasty pakoras. They are a traditional Indian snack, made with a spice mix called garam masala. They were particularly yummy with turmeric and mint dip! We used the skills we’ve been learning in maths this week to accurately measure mass, and tomorrow we will […]

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