Reception recap

Reception are going back over their learning and looking again at 2D and 3D shapes in a variety of ways. They are getting very good at describing their features and sorting them into different categories.

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Catch the train!

Reception children have to complete addition and subtraction problems in order to climb the stairs to get to the platform. The winner gets to push ALL the buttons! A big thank you to all Reception families for working on writing numerals at home this week. We were all very confident playing Bingo this morning!

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Art in Reception

We have explored Cubism and the artists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. We learned that another artist called Henri Matisse saw Georges Braque’s work and described it as being made up of ‘little cubes’! Then, an art movement was named.

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Maths This Half Term

There is lots of interesting Maths going on this half term. From algebra in Year 6, to measurement in Year 3, to building to 8 in Reception class. Across the school, our investigations will be focussed on “Working Backwards”. Year 5 have already got their teeth stuck into ‘the cheese machine’ , whilst year 4 […]

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More maths fun in Reception

We have been investigating counting in 10s to get up to big numbers (like Ms Steer’s age!). We have also recapped making 9 and 10 in different ways AND writing number sentences in our playground maths with fabulous Kate. Impressive as it’s only Tuesday 👍Reception class, I am so proud of you!

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