Getting knotty in LKS2

This week we have been learning how to tie knots in Year 3 and 4. We started our knot tying with practicing tying our ’laces’. With perseverance and team work, we were all successful in trying our laces. Once we had mastered tying our laces, we moved on to start learning some important knots that […]

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Art in RE

LKS2 have been looking at art throughout history from different cultures to see how artists have depicted events involving the birth and childhood of Jesus in different ways. We looked at how different artists used symbolism in their art before creating our own.

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Ancient Egyptian fashion

This week we learnt about the fashion in Ancient Egypt. Once we had learnt about it all we had the chance to dress up in a wealthy Egyptians outfit. Unfortunately, we couldn’t dress up like Ancient Egyptian children as they used to wear NOTHING!

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Tomato update!

During last weeks science lesson, Year 3 and 4 checked on their mummified tomatoes to see if the mummification was working in comparison to our test tomato. This is what we saw… We discovered that our mummified tomatoes were in much better condition than our test tomato which has began to grow mould!

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RE in LKS2

LKS2 learnt all about Christingles in RE this week. After we learnt about the symbolism of Christingles, we designed our own Christingles to show what Christmas means to us.

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Science in LKS2

This week in science, year 3 and 4 started their new topic – states of matter. We investigated to find out whether the objects we were given were solids or liquids. Once we had made the decision if the item was a solid, liquid or neither (non-Newtonian fluids), we had to decide whether different properties […]

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RE in LKS2

In RE this week, we looked at the meaning of symbols. We discussed what symbols are, why symbols are wordless and why they may be universal symbols or cultural symbols. Year 3 and 4 then created their own symbols to represent who they are.

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Inspired by Egypt in LKS2

Continuing on with our inspired by nature topic in art, this term we are feeling inspired by our history topic- the Ancient Egyptians! We used our colour mixing skills to create a gradient sunset today. After we had created our sunset, we added silhouettes of a sandy floor with camels and cacti!

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A special investigation in LKS2

Year 3 and 4 received a letter about helping an Oil company research efficient methods of cleaning up oil after an oil spill. After investigating many ways of clean up, we reached our conclusions to help inform the research. Booms are temporary floating barriers that are used to help contain oil spills. We used some […]

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