DT in LKS2

This week in DT we have been working hard to put all of our sewing skills together. We created a template to use to help us accurately cut out fabric. Once we had our shapes drawn on the fabric, we carefully cut them out. Then, for the first time in our textiles topic we sewed […]

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Even more template in LKS2

Year 3 and 4 have been very busy this past week developing their cutting, drawing and accuracy. We have learnt that it is important to create a template as it will help us mark out and cut identical shapes. Year 3 and 4 have been very successful at creating templates, you could even call them […]

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Mechanisms in LKS2

Year 3 and 4 have completed their amazing mechanical displays to help inform and engage people about forces and magnets! Using their skills and knowledge about various linkages and movements, we have created fully working mechanisms. Once we had finished creating our final designs, we evaluated the process to help us know what to do […]

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Mechanisms in LKS2

Last week in design and technology we created boards to show parallel motion, reverse motion, oscillating motion and rotary motion. Once we had lot’s of different linkages to choose from we started to design our products ready to start creating our prototypes this week.

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Science in LKS2

Last week in science we learnt about how classification can help us identify different species. Sorting species into groups based on similarities helps people to know which living thing is being talked about and helps scientists be sure they are investigating the same species We created our own classification keys to help us identify sea […]

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Mechanisms in LKS2

This week year 3 and 4 have been learning all about how mechanisms work. What is the input/output? Where are the fixed and loose pivots? What type of motion does the mechanism use? We explored these questions by creating our own mechanisms out of tech card, geo strips and split pins.

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LKS2 History

Last week in history, LKS2 learnt about what ancient Rome was like and the Roman social hierarchy. Ancient Rome We did some research around what clothing, shopping, entertainment, schools and housing was like in Ancient Rome. Then, we presented our research to the class. Romans Social Hierarchy We learnt about who was who on the […]

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