Skyping Ghana

On Friday afternoon we had an enjoyable Skype with our partner class in Kumasi, Ghana. We showed them our Anansi artwork and acted out the story of Anansi and the Hot Pot Beans.

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Skyping with Ghana

This afternoon in Year 2 we spoke to our friends in Ghana. Today it was their turn to present some work to us. First of all they told us some characteristics about themselves, then they showed us their animal collages and at the end they sang us a song. It was all so wonderful and […]

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Window artwork

I’m a bit behind with sharing Year 3’s wonderful artwork. As well as writing poetry inspired by Jeannie Baker’s Window, we used collage to create a view that we would like to see from our window, were we one of the characters in the book. Interestingly, there wasn’t a car, lorry or building site to […]

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Brazilian Art

Not everyone had the chance to see our fantastic International Day Art based on the pop art picture ‘Children of the World’ by Brazilian artist Romero Britto, so here is another chance. The children made brilliant use of pattern and colour and the results are fantastic.

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International craft

Last week, year 4 had fun finding out about South African culture for international week. We looked at the patterns and colours used by the Ndebele people and used them to inspire our own key rings using buttons. Check out our pencil cases and backpacks to see our creations

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