Celebrating Diwali in Year 3

There was a party atmosphere in Year 3 on Monday as we continued to investigate and discuss whether celebrating Diwali at home and in the community brings a sense of belonging to a Hindu child. We listened to Diwali party songs and the classroom became a riot of colour as we made diya lamps and […]

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Flag Hunt

Using our knowledge of fractions, we searched the school for flags with certain fractions each colour. He found over 20 flags which were less than half white, but didn’t find any that were 2/3 black and 1/3 green!

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The day an author came to visit.

In Nursery we were lucky enough to have Winnie Mak Tselikas come to visit and read her book called London Hat Hunting Mission. We listened to the adventures of Mr Globe and his friends! We even got a chance to meet the characters! We discussed the countries the dolls were from, some of the children […]

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Inspirational black sportspeople.

For our black history celebrations, year 4 have been learning about important, groundbreaking sportspeople. We each researched our own inspirational person, and did a short presentation to the class about why they were so awesome. Did you know that Jesse Owens is really called JC Owens, but he’s been known as Jesse ever since his […]

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