A taste of India

Today, Year 4 transported themselves to India as we made some tasty pakoras. They are a traditional Indian snack, made with a spice mix called garam masala. They were particularly yummy with turmeric and mint dip! We used the skills we’ve been learning in maths this week to accurately measure mass, and tomorrow we will […]

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Making Lassis

Year 4 have had a rather delicious week making mango lassis. We used our maths measurement skills to accurately measure our ingredients, and wrote up some exceptional recipes in literacy. Recipes available upon request 😉

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Year 4

Year 4 are back in business and have been doing some excellent learning in our first week. We’ve already started to learn lots about India, our topic for this half term, and have produced some wonderful art and writing inspired by the colourful, mischievous Holi festival. We used a technique called ’tissue paper bleeding’ to […]

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