Deptford Creek adventure

As part of their rivers study, Year 5 visited Creekside education centre. We learned all about the different features of a river and looked at different maps and time lapse video to get more of an understanding of how our local rivers connect and change with the tide. We did some labelled observational sketches of […]

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Year 6: The Story Of London

Year 6 have been learning about the history of London before 1066. We’ve used Richard Brassey’s ‘The Story if London’ as a reference point for a range of tasks. We’ve completed a Kahoot! quiz, ordered events, and recorded ChatterPix videos from the point of view of famous figures in London’s history – combining facts, humour […]

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Icarus at The Unicorn Theatre

In preparation for next term’s topic of the Ancient Greeks, Year 5 visited The Unicorn Theatre to watch a modernised version of Icarus. The children all decided that they particularly enjoyed the lighting and the set and look forward to finding out more in the summer!

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Tudor Portraits

Miss Higgitt tasked Year 4 with the difficult task of creating a flattering portrait of Tudor Royalty (Henry VIII)… good enough to please the King. I hope he likes them, or there may be grave consequences! *gulp* We have been studying drawing in art; learning how to hold a pencil to sketch, and using different […]

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Grace Darling the Heroine

In Year 2 over the last two weeks we have been writing diary entries from the perspective of Grace Darling. We thought carefully about time and place sentence openers as well as our powerful verbs whilst learning about a heroine who braved the seas to save some lost souls. I’m sure you’ll agree Year 2 […]

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The Golden Hinde

On Tuesday, Year 4 had a wonderful visit to The Golden Hinde to learn all about Sir Francis Drake’s circumnavigation around the world. It was a fantastic trip, full of fun facts and we really enjoyed learning about life at sea in Tudor times. Whilst we were in London, we even took a short trip […]

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