Year 5 trip to the british museum

Year 5 were lucky enough to see artefacts from the Ancient Kingdom of Benin when we went to the British Museum. We saw the bronze plaques, the ivory leopards, the brass sculptures and the coral jewellery of the Oba, as well as many other exciting artefacts. After exploring the museum and taking a quick detour […]

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Year 6 visit the Migration Museum!

On Friday, Year 6 were lucky enough to visit the Migration Museum to help contextualise the stories of the Windrush Generation and the long history of migration to and from Britain. In their workshop, they were introduced to key words and themes of migration, as well as discussed their own personal connections to migration. Before […]

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History Across the School

This half term has been all about HISTORY! Every class has been thinking hard about things that happened in the past and becoming proper historians; considering significance, evidence and impact. Year 1 Having studied the life of the incredible Mary Anning and the importance she had in the world of fossils, year 1 have moved […]

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Fossil fun in year 1

Year 1 is a buzz of excitement! We have been learning about Mary Anning and it has been a joy to see the children SO interested in their learning. Here are some videos of us exploring fossils. Children also brought in photos of fossils they have at home, others made fossils, and one child made […]

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Year 6 at the Golden Hinde

We had a great day visiting the Golden Hinde to supplement our history learning. Having learned about Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Francis Drake it was interesting to learn more about his special task and what life was like aboard one of his vessels. We experienced what being a sailor/pirate on the Golden Hinde during […]

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History in lks2

Who knew that ancient civilisations loved music? Historians do and now Year 3 and 4 do. We also learnt about who invented writing, what they used to write on and how historians know all of this information!

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