Preschool 22/6

Walk the plank ye spluttering scoundrels! It’s going to be hot on your desert islands this week, could you make a shelter out of sheets outside? What about having a picnic and spying some friends who are more than two metres away by telescope? Remember, if you’re not at school I have recommended a great […]

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LKS2 History detectives

We are inspiring the children’s curiosity to know more about the past by putting them into the role of detective. In order to spark discussions about similarities and differences and to help them understand methods of historical enquiry, we have been looking at how we know about different periods of History. We learned what sources […]

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Icarus and Daedalus animations

Over the last 2 weeks, year 4 have been working on an animation project linked to our topics- the Ancient Greeks. First, we had to plan our story (Icarus and Daedalus) , and decide what backdrop and models we would have to design, and then we made them. We used crafting techniques to make the […]

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Famous Greeks

We read about many famous Greeks, like Pythagoras, Archimedes and Alexander the Great, and discussed their achievements and their influence on the western world. We made our own too trump cards that compared their different traits- intelligence, power and legacy. Afterwards, we mind mapped ‘what the Greeks have done for us’ and placed events on […]

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Y1’s prehistoric terrains

Year 1 had a roar-some time in the wildlife area this afternoon, creating prehistoric terrains for their dinosaurs. They used a variety of natural material to create small worlds that looks similar to how our planet might have looked during the Triassic, Jurassic or Cretaceous periods.

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Year 5 and 6 Mexican Innovate

The children were set the task of creating a holiday itinerary for a family of 4 who wanted to travel to Mexico. Their first task involved scheduling and budgeting for a flight to and booking a hotel in Mexico’s capital: Mexico City. They then had to plan 6 days of fun incorporating our learning about […]

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The Wonders of the Ancient Maya

In history this afternoon, we introduced Years 5 and 6 to the Maya. We started off the lesson by thinking about where we would place the Ancient Maya on a timeline then added in other significant dates from our previous history learning. The children remembered when WW2 was, remembered the date of The Great Fire […]

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The History of Space Travel in KS1

Today KS1 learnt about the history of space travel. Each mixed group of Year 1 and 2s were given an event in space history. They looked at images on the ipad and illustrated their event. With our illustrations we presented our space travel history facts and created a giant timeline in the playground, putting the […]

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