Proud to Be

It’s Black History Month and this year the theme is ‘Proud to Be’. Each week, we’re looking at individuals, past and present, who have had to face prejudice and racism but have achieved great things. We hope that they serve as an inspiration to everyone! This week the children had to match the inspirational people […]

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UKS2 Geography/History

This week, we have delved into the history of Mexico. We looked at historical sources from the Maya to see if we could use them to make any deductions about how the Maya could have lived. Then, we learned all about when and where the Ancient Maya lived, and what their lives were like. During […]

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UKS2 Writing

What did the Greeks do for us? To wrap up or History topic all about The Ancient Greeks, we considered their lasting legacy and wrote some impressive essays about the impact they had on our everyday lives. This piece of Diamond Work was a culmination of a 3 week long project all about explanation writing. […]

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UKS2 History

What is the cultural legacy of the Ancient Greeks? We looked at modern and Ancient Greek architecture, literature, sculpture and theatre and looked for similarities and differences between them. In teams, we then raced to sort facts about Greek art and culture as associated with Greeks only, or also seen in modern day. It was […]

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UKS2 History

Do you know why a marathon is called a marathon? In this lesson, we learned all about the events at the battle of Marathon. However, there a so many different versions that the real story is difficult to decipher. We do know that the battle of marathon happen in Marathon (about 24 miles from Athens) […]

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UKS2 History

Did you know that I’m Ancient Greek time, women were not just seen as unequal, but different species entirely!?! This week we learned all about how men and women were treated in the Ancient Greek city states, and thought about how are lives would be different if we still had the same attitudes as the […]

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LKS2 Geography – Native Americans

LKS2 have been learning about the indigenous peoples of the USA and thinking about human geography considerations that decided where they settled prior to the arrival of the colonialists, and what the impact of these arrivals was. We used our knowledge of physical and political maps to infer why the various tribes settled in the […]

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How high can we jump?

Preschool have a new topic and are learning how to be fit and healthy. We are looking at the different type of sports done at the Olympics and practicing some of them. We are even collecting data to see if our strength and stamina improves over the next month!

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UKS2 Greek Day

We had a great time this week diving straight into our topic… Ancient Greece! For Greek day, we made and tasted some Greek inspired dishes including Greek salad, spinach and feta filo parcels and Greek honey cake. Did you know that The Olympics originated in Ancient Greece all those thousands of years ago? Despite the […]

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