History in lks2

Who knew that ancient civilisations loved music? Historians do and now Year 3 and 4 do. We also learnt about who invented writing, what they used to write on and how historians know all of this information!

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Lee then and now

This half term, Year 6 have been learning about local history. Today we looked at maps from the 1800s, showing how railway changed Lee dramatically. It was great to be able to zoom in on the iPads to really explore the maps. We found the old school (National School) and discovered that there was also […]

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Year 6 -History Detectives

We’ve really been enjoying learning about our local area for our new History Topic- Lee then and now! Thanks to Rev. Tim and Amie, we are able to go up to the church and look for evidence about who used to live in Lee and when. We were lucky enough to be allowed into the […]

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Technology in Ancient Civilisations

LKS2 made connections between the technology of the Ancient Sumerians, Shang Dynasty and the Indus Valley Civilisation this afternoon. We identified what artefacts can tell us about the technology of Ancient Civilisations and the children came up with some superb ideas such as: if there was communication between different civilisations; how skilled they were; what […]

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Year 1 History – Rosa Parks

This week Year One looked closely at a significant person in history, Rosa Parks. We discovered what life was like for Rosa and how she changed the world around her. Rosa’s actions inspired the Bus Boycott again segregation, Year One had a go at creating their own placards to support Rosa.

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Shang Dynasty battle strategies

LKS2 looked at conflict in Ancient Civilisations this week and compared the battle strategies of the Shang Dynasty with those of the Indus Valley civilisation and the Ancient Sumerians. We discussed the different tactics required by different physical landscapes and how this led to the evolution of technology such as bronze-tipped arrows and spears and […]

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