Lights, Camera, Action! Fitness Films

The final stage of our PT project has been making a video for our clients in order to demonstrate exercises and stretches and to help inform them about the muscles being used. The children have come to appreciate quite how much work is involved before you go anywhere near a camera! Casting, scriptwriting, storyboarding, blocking, […]

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Sharing with Sikhism

We finished off our learning about Sikhism with one of the most joyful lessons ever! We have been thinking about how important sharing is in Sikhism and focused on one of the most visible aspects of this, the Langar. The Langar is the communal kitchen and dining room in a Gurdwara (the Sikh place of […]

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Personal Trainers at your service

Year 3 have spent this term’s Science lessons learning about the human body – more specifically, diet, nutrition, exercise, skeletons, muscles and movement. We have approached our learning as a project, by acting as Personal Trainers. Every group was allocated a client, each of whom had specific goals to achieve and we were tasked with […]

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How fit am I?

In year 4, we conducted our own fitness tests. We first learned how to measure our pulse, and then exercised intensively for 1 minute. Then, we recorded our pulse every minute for 6 minutes. When we plotted our data on a line graph, we could see how fit we were. We compared our heart rate […]

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Lewisham Quad athletics 2019

Congratulations to the 10 athletes representing St Margaret’s Lee at the Lewisham Quad Athletics tournament yesterday. Each member of the team competed in four events (75m, 600m, vortex throw and standing long jump) and we finished 5th overall, out of the 20 schools that took part.

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