Preschool water wall

We had fun in the sun exploring all the ways that water can travel. If you have any piping that can bend or some old plumbing materials, preschool will happily add it to our water wall. Just drop it off at our door!

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We shoot, we score!

It’s not easy shooting hoops when you’re the smallest people in the school but Preschool are resilient and keep sharpening their court skills! As always we owe a debt of gratitude to the patience and kindness of Mr Tobi our sports teacher.

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In memory of Sir Thomas Moore

Reception (and anyone else that would like to take part!) I would like to set you a challenge, Sir Thomas Moore was an amazing and inspirational gentleman. He raised millions of pounds for the NHS, and in his memory I would like you to set yourself a challenge. Sir Thomas Moore walked 100 lengths of […]

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Preschool 20/5

Don’t lose your marbles Nursery, RACE THEM! Take a look at these fun races I have found for you today and see if you can make your own. If you don’t have marbles or dominoes can you race someone at home in a star jump challenge or a run round the park? How about making […]

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Preschool 11/5

Well the weather is looking like it’s going to be cloudy and windy so there’s only one thing for it, let’s build a den! Below are some ideas for garden dens and dens in the home with suggestions for ways to engage and extend learning. You’ll need to keep your strength up with all this […]

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