How fit am I?

In year 4, we conducted our own fitness tests. We first learned how to measure our pulse, and then exercised intensively for 1 minute. Then, we recorded our pulse every minute for 6 minutes. When we plotted our data on a line graph, we could see how fit we were. We compared our heart rate […]

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Lewisham Quad athletics 2019

Congratulations to the 10 athletes representing St Margaret’s Lee at the Lewisham Quad Athletics tournament yesterday. Each member of the team competed in four events (75m, 600m, vortex throw and standing long jump) and we finished 5th overall, out of the 20 schools that took part.

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New teachers in Year 3!

Year 3 have been treated to sessions with new teachers this morning – all of whom look rather familiar… Our awesome Year 6 students have been working really hard to plan lessons for other classes in the school. This select group have been lucky enough to investigate friction and forces under the expert eyes of […]

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Egg Shell Experiment Year 2

As part of our Human Body topic this half term, Year 2 have been looking at the impact of sugary drinks on teeth. We submerged eggshells in different sugary drinks and made predictions about the results. Over the next week we will record our observations by taking photos of the changes. I wonder what we […]

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Plaque attack

How well do you brush your teeth? Today, we investigated this question using disclosing tablets. After brushing our teeth, we chewed a tablet which stains plaque purple to see how much we had missed. It was interesting to see how much plaque was hiding down by our gums. We then discussed how we could take […]

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Pre-club snacks

In order for Mr Tobi’s clubs to start on time and to give children a positive message about being healthy, children should only have a small snack, such as a piece of fruit, cereal bar or equivalent. Please do not give your children multiple snacks. Let’s keep our kids healthy!

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The Great Grammar Race

This morning, Year 5 used their grammar knowledge during ‘The Great Grammar Race’. We recapped the different word classes then thought of as many examples as possible. We then headed out to the playground where we got into four teams. Each child had to run forward, pick up a word and then sort it into […]

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Crumbs! Cooking in Year 3

We rounded off last week with a bit of D&T in the form of cooking crumble. The filling was never in question – it had to be peach! We used a recipe by Jack Monroe, famous for her website, cookingonabootstrap. Jack is a writer, journalist and activist who campaigns on poverty issues, particularly relating to […]

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