Year 5 & 6: Jamaican Patties 🇯🇲

As part of Black History Month celebrations, the children made healthy vegetarian Jamaican patties. They worked in groups to create a shortcrust pastry, cut and cooked the vegetables for the filling, and secured them with a fork crimp. We also learnt about the history of Jamaica and how the Cornish Pasty influenced this Jamaican classic!

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Salad design

In food technology enrichment today, we designed our own salads. Alongside the designing, we had to chop, slice and grate in preparation for making our masterpieces. It was also a great opportunity for children to try new foods – nearly everyone in the group tried spinach and sugar snaps – many of them for the […]

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Free half term swimming lessons!

Lewisham Swimming:  Free Top-Up School Swimming Lessons In partnership with Saxon Crown and Fusion Lifestyle, funded by Lewisham Council, free school top-up swimming sessions are available to students at Lewisham primary schools. The sessions are provided to help swimmers achieve the National Curriculum standard in swimming, which requires children to swim competently, confidently and proficiently […]

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How well do we clean our teeth?

Year 4 have been learning all about the digestive system, starting at the beginning… the mouth. This week we investigated how well we brush our teeth. First of all, we brushed our teeth as normal, and then we used special tablets (plaque disclosing tablets) to show up any areas of our mouth that hadn’t been […]

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To kick off our science topic (the digestive system) we have been learning all about the first stage of digestion – chewing. Using mirrors, we investigated the inside of our own mouths, to see the different types of teeth we have. From incisors to wisdom teeth, we discovered why our teeth are different, and even […]

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Lights, Camera, Action! Fitness Films

The final stage of our PT project has been making a video for our clients in order to demonstrate exercises and stretches and to help inform them about the muscles being used. The children have come to appreciate quite how much work is involved before you go anywhere near a camera! Casting, scriptwriting, storyboarding, blocking, […]

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