Tips for starting the difficult coronavirus conversation with your child

This guidance from Parentzone is worth a read … Start somewhere As a parent, there are always conversations you’d prefer not to have with your children. And when something as out-of-the-blue and unknown as the coronavirus strikes, it’s hard to know where to begin. Especially as it’s clear that the scientists still don’t have the answers. But children […]

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Well-being room

Our well-being room is almost complete. Through purchases from charity shops, donations and DIY we have transformed the former ‘rainbow room’ into a tranquil, calm space for children to go if/when they need it. It’s also being used for play therapy sessions and as a learning space for small groups. The last addition we are […]

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Find your brave

Raoul in Y6 opened our assembly this morning with his first public piano performance. It introduced the theme of the talk perfectly as it certainly required bravery on Raoul’s part! The children were asked ‘What is bravery?’ and ‘What can get in the way of being brave?’ and some of the responses, particularly from year […]

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Chartwell food tasting

Thanks to all the parents and carers who came along to our catering food tasting. As a regular eater of school dinners, I can confirm that what was on offer was a good indicator of what the children are offered as part of their menu cycle. Thanks to the wonderful Funke, Bola and all the […]

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Well-being room makeover

We are redesigning the room behind the library, formally known as the rainbow room. We want to make it a calm space for children to relax and have some quiet time, as well as a place for play therapy. Our budget for this is small and we are looking for any contributions of the following: […]

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