y2 map skills

Year 2 are continuing to explore maps in their geography lessons. Over the past two weeks we have looked at keys and symbols and how a compass rose is used. Last week we created our own maps of an imaginary island, and filled it up with human and physical features. This week we used Google […]

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Contour lines in LKS2

In geography today, year 3 and 4 learnt about contour lines and topography. We had a go at creating some contour mountains, which came out AMAZING! We worked in out pairs to slowly trace and cut out our different intervals before gluing them together.

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UKS2 Geography

This half-term we are studying the incredible naturalist and geographer Charles Darwin. To kick start the project, we thought like Darwin and took to the playground to make careful and meaningful observations of the living things. “Why do different plants have different coloured flowers?” “How much older is the tree than the shrub beside it?” […]

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Year 3 trip to Creekside

On Tuesday, Year 3 went to the Creekside Discovery Centre to explore the River Ravensbourne. When we arrived, we went into the classroom and reviewed our previous learning about rivers. We also learnt about how the Thames is a tidal river, which also makes the Ravensbourne River a tidal river because its a tributary of […]

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y2: geography fieldwork

Year 2 made the most of the sunny afternoon and headed out with our maps to spot human features in our local area. We found bus stops, shops and housing, roads and paths and even a phone box. We made a key to help us understand all the symbols on the map. We were able […]

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Geography fieldwork in LKS2

Years 3 & 4 have visited Manor House Gardens this week in order to observe the Quaggy River as part of our Geography learning for this half-term. We used 4-digit references to locate Manor House Gardens before we left and also looked at satellite and pictorial maps of the area. When we arrived at the […]

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Year 6 at the British Museum

What a day?! We really enjoyed going to the British Museum today to see the Benin Bronzes and other Benin artefacts. It was really cool to see some that we recognised from our history lessons recently. Whilst we were there, we also visited the Mexico and Arctic exhibits which link to some previous geography topics. […]

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