Recycled 3D art

This term, Year 1’s topic is ‘Under the Sea and Plastic Pollution’. In art today, we made 3D models of fish using plastic bottles and scraps of tissue paper. Everyone worked well as part of a team, to create the beautiful models.

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Weather Vanes in Year 2

As part of their Geography topic “Weather”, Year 2 have been preparing their own weather stations. First they learnt about the compass points and then they created their own weather vanes. Look out for them observing the direction of the wind!

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Under the Sea

Today Year 1 have been learning about jellyfish and how the seasons can change their habits. We watched some captivating clips of jellyfish and how they move together, we then used crayon and paint to make our own jellyfish pictures.

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A rocking Science carousel in Year 3

Year 3 rock! Well, they certainly did on Wednesday afternoon, when we got stuck in to this term’s Science topic of Rocks. Having determined that rocks can be grouped into 3 main categories – igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic – we set out to investigate them further. We looked at them under microscopes and through magnifying […]

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Plastic pledge

Over the past weeks, during assembly, we have been learning about the impact of plastic pollution on the Earth’s oceans. We have also been learning about what is being done to tackle the problem on a large scale e.g. Boyan Slat’s invention and on a smaller scale e.g. saying no to plastic straws. We want […]

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