Handa’s Surprise

Year 1 have been reading Handa’s Surprise this week, they looked for clues in the story to work out where it might be set. We then tasted the different fruits that Handa had in her basket and thought of awesome adjectives to describe them. In the afternoon we used collage to make the fruits and […]

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Year 5 at Deptford Creekside

Year 5 began the day as archeologists – handling historical artefacts found in the river and trying to work out what industries they matched to. We then learnt more about the history and geography of the area and created field sketches of the river Ravernsbourne. In the afternoon, we had the chance to wade in […]

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Year 5 Orienteering

We had a great day in the sun yesterday completing an orienteering course in Peckham Rye Park. We learnt how to take a bearing with a compass and identified map legends/symbols before heading off in groups in search of posts. First, we practised skills in the playground… Then we found posts and emoji faces… It […]

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Rainforest Cake

Year 3 have been investigating ingredients which come from the rainforest. Some of these (spices, bananas, sugar and chocolate) have been used to bake a delicious rainforest cake. I hope you enjoyed the slice sent home!

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