LKS2 have turned travel agent in order to show off their Geography learning from this half-term. They have showcased the best of the USA in beautifully designed and written leaflets, all of which detail physical and human features of this vast nation including the wealth of Native American culture that all tourists should learn about. […]


KS1: Pao de quejio

Year 1 and 2 learnt about Brazilian food this week, and had a go at making “pao de quejio” – a cheesy puff made of manioc flour. We made the dough, shaped it into balls and baked them before tasting. They were delicious!

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LKS2 Geography – Native Americans

LKS2 have been learning about the indigenous peoples of the USA and thinking about human geography considerations that decided where they settled prior to the arrival of the colonialists, and what the impact of these arrivals was. We used our knowledge of physical and political maps to infer why the various tribes settled in the […]

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Human and Physical Geography

LKS2 have started to look at human geography (man-made features) such as settlements, transport networks, trade, economy and culture. We discussed how physical geographical features can influence human geography by affecting where people choose to settle, how they move around, the creation of borders and how and where people trade. We then chose a physical […]

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KS1: Where is Brazil?

Year 1 and 2 started their new geography topic about Brazil this week. We watched some video clips of Brazil, spotting the human and physical features. Everyone decided that Brazil looks like a great country to visit, so we got out the atlases and found it on the map. We labelled our own world map […]

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Road Trip USA!

LKS2 have begun their new Geography topic, all about the USA. We jumped in with some map work, both digital and paper-based, and located the USA in relation to the continents of the World, the Equator, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and the Prime Meridian line. We then found out the difference between Physical […]

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Geography UKS2

This half term, we have been learning all about food growing, from allotments to food miles. For this weeks learning, we have studied two case studies of farming around the world. Starting in North America, we learned about citrus farming in California – where the climate and conditions are perfect for these juicy fruits! Then […]

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UKS2 Geography

Should we eat seasonally? Is it ok to import food? We learned about seasonality and how it is possible to buy foods in supermarkets that are out of season. Pretending to be chefs, we designed a seasonal menu for a given month using seasonality calendars. We then talked about the environmental impact of importing foods, […]

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