Year 6 at the British Museum

What a day?! We really enjoyed going to the British Museum today to see the Benin Bronzes and other Benin artefacts. It was really cool to see some that we recognised from our history lessons recently. Whilst we were there, we also visited the Mexico and Arctic exhibits which link to some previous geography topics. […]

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Y4&6 publishing

A real highlight of the week was when Year 6, learned how to use Pages (iPad app) to publish their persuasive reports, export them as a pdf and upload to their OneDrive account. They subsequently paired up with children in year 4 who had written reports on ocean pollution and guided them through the process […]

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UKS2 Geography

How does Mexico make its money? We were surprised to learn that the largest economy in Mexico is vehicle production! We learned all about important economic activities in Mexico, and where these industries are based. We took a tour of Cancun (a tourism hotspot) and Penasquito (a gold mining area). Our key words were import […]

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Shark tracking in LKS2

We are coming to the end of our Blue Abyss topic, which has been an amazing half-term’s worth of learning for adults and children alike. We investigated Marine Biology today and the children were amazed to find that, should this be your chosen career, you can spend your time studying the incredible diversity of ocean […]

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Year 1 – Geography Trip!

What a day! Last week, Year 1 visited the Maritime Museum. We looked at lots of Artifacts from ships and found detailed models of ship the early explorers would have travelled on! We also played on the biggest map of the world we have ever seen! Finally, we had great fun in the Ahoy role […]

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A special investigation in LKS2

Year 3 and 4 received a letter about helping an Oil company research efficient methods of cleaning up oil after an oil spill. After investigating many ways of clean up, we reached our conclusions to help inform the research. Booms are temporary floating barriers that are used to help contain oil spills. We used some […]

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Oil spill artwork in LKS2

Continuing to use our Geography work as a stimulus, LKS2 produced some beautiful marbling this afternoon, using water and oil-based marbling inks. We dropped the marbling inks onto the water than moved them around on the surface before carefully laying our watercolour paper on top, submerging it and removing it before leaving it to dry. […]

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