French in y3

Year 3 have been learning about hobbies this half term in French. To show off our knowledge of hobbies we have created mini books to show what we like to do and what our friends like to do.

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French in Year 4

The children have done a brilliant job of bringing together all of their learning from this term to describe their (slightly unconventional) family members. They used their knowledge of colours, numbers, body parts, greetings, family members and names to make short videos – it’s much harder than it looks and they did an excellent job.

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French in Year 3

Year 3 have learnt lots in French this half term. Numbers, colours and now we’re learning greetings! When we learnt our colours we played a game of true or false.

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KS2 French

C’est ma famille. We draw pictures of family members and introduced them to our partners. It was important to use the correct gendered words to match the relative. C’est ma mere. Elle s’appelle Chloe. C’est mon pere. Il s’appelle Bob.

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Mon monstre a …

My monster has … We’ve been describing our own monster creations in French, remembering that numbers come before the noun but colours come after! Having taught this class French last year, it’s really great to see how they are building on this in Year 4 and starting to talk and write confidently in French.

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KS2 French

Now that we have developed our vocabulary, we are starting to use it in sentences. First of all, we read a description of two monsters, to see if we could translate it using the vocabulary we were familiar with. Then we applied this to our own sentences, thinking of numbers and descriptions of monster body […]

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Les Parties du Corps in KS2

We are learning about the parts of our bodies in French this half-term, using the trusty Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes song (or Tête, Epaules, Genoux et Pieds to give it the correct French title) to help us. We are playing vrai ou faux games to see if we can identify the correct parts of […]

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