C’est un crayon vert!

Faux! C’est un crayon rouge! Children across KS2 have been learning their colours in French and we’ve been playing games such as vrai ou faux (true or false) using classrooms items such as pencils, coloured matchsticks and pens.

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Ma famille

Across KS2 this term, children are learning to describe their families in French. In the coming weeks, they are going to be using the knowledge gained to create Keynote presentations on their iPads, using the voice recording tool and photo / picture tools. We look forward to sharing soon! A reminder that children can practise […]

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Preschool 12/5 Bonjour!

So you’ve built a den and now it’s time to pretend that den is in another country. The Go Jetters head to Paris today and I know a lot of you can speak French already. Watch this episode and then decide which country you’d like to explore. Go Jetters, Series 1: 1. The Eiffel Tower, […]

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Bonjour, tout le monde! Everyone can still be enjoying their French learning at home, with these resources for singing, activities and games. BODY PARTS It’s our favourite with a link to the song. Heads, shoulders, knees and toes . The robot’s pointer isn’t that easy to see so just to remind you: l’oeil = eye, […]


Monstrously good French in LKS2

Years 3 and 4 have been combining their knowledge of body parts, colours and numbers in French to create some terrifyingly imaginative monsters. They have then been practising their spoken French by describing their monster to their partner or by reading and listening to a description before saying which monster is being described.

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Les trois petits cochons

Armed with the knowledge that roughly 33.3% of the English language shares its roots with French through the ancient language of Latin, Y5&6 read a French story! The children were surprised that they could identify so many words and after some detective work actually translate the text! Tres bien!

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French Ouch!

I’m French, we have learnt the names of our body parts, and how to tell the doctor what was wrong. Luckily, there were plenty of medical professionals around to mend our wound.

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