Geography UKS2

This half term, we have been learning all about food growing, from allotments to food miles. For this weeks learning, we have studied two case studies of farming around the world. Starting in North America, we learned about citrus farming in California – where the climate and conditions are perfect for these juicy fruits! Then […]

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Fairtrade Baking

This week, children have been learning about Fairtrade products and the importance of Fairtrade. Today, years 1 and 2 used some of these ingredients to bake banana and chocolate muffins. Next they will be using photos from this to use as a prompt to write a recipe. We hope you enjoyed the muffins!

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Fairtrade Fortnight

As part of Fairtrade Fortnight, year 4 have been learning about wants and needs. We focussed on the wants and needs of people globally, and how they might differ around the world. We then read the story of a cocoa farmer named Therese from Cote D’ivoire who has had a much better quality of life […]

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The chocolate trade game

Years 5 and 6 continued their learning on economic activity and trade links this afternoon. They used atlases to locate the countries that are top producers of cocoa as well as the top consumers ( and were not surprised to see the UK in at number 4!) They were then all assigned roles within the […]

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Fairtrade Breakfast

There was a great turn out for our Fairtrade breakfast this morning. Thank you to all who came along and a huge thank you to the Friends for supporting the event and to Sainsburys, Waitrose, the Co-op and Gail’s bakery for donating much of the food .

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Rainforest Cake

Year 3 have been investigating ingredients which come from the rainforest. Some of these (spices, bananas, sugar and chocolate) have been used to bake a delicious rainforest cake. I hope you enjoyed the slice sent home!

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Fairtrade Breakfast

What a great start to Fairtrade fortnight! Thank you to everyone who turned out in the snow for our Fairtrade parent and carer’s breakfast. It was a wonderful spread put on by the Friends of St Margaret’s and a great way to start the day while learning a little more about Fairtrade. A big thank […]

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