Sharing with Sikhism

We finished off our learning about Sikhism with one of the most joyful lessons ever! We have been thinking about how important sharing is in Sikhism and focused on one of the most visible aspects of this, the Langar. The Langar is the communal kitchen and dining room in a Gurdwara (the Sikh place of […]

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Year 6 teachers

Year 6 pupils have been planning and teaching across the school today. They have taken the roles very seriously, with some excellent preparation and a range of teaching styles! We’ve had lessons in drama, sport, maths, science, drama, singing, art and dance. I think they got quite a lot from the experience.

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Year 1 Visit The Albany Theatre

This morning, Year 1 visited the Albany Theatre in Deptford, to watch a production of Hansel and Gretel with a very modern twist. The tickets were given to us as part of the Every Child campaign which aims to provide a free theatre tickets to every Year 1 child in Lewisham. The class thoroughly enjoyed […]

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Crumbs! Cooking in Year 3

We rounded off last week with a bit of D&T in the form of cooking crumble. The filling was never in question – it had to be peach! We used a recipe by Jack Monroe, famous for her website, cookingonabootstrap. Jack is a writer, journalist and activist who campaigns on poverty issues, particularly relating to […]

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Year 4 school journey day 1

Safe arrival, picnic lunch, low rope team building, high rope leaps of faith,abseiling, roast chicken dinner, washing up, nighttime woodland walk, hot chocolate , bedtime story, zzzzzzz Under a blue sky, we’ve had an action-packed outdoor adventure. Lots of children rightly proud of their achievements today. What a great bunch of kids 👍😁👌

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Cookie monsters

In aid of lent call, some of year four were busy in the kitchen today making M&M cookies to sell at the bake off. Thank you to all those involved, your teamwork was a pleasure to see!

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