Investigating with dominoes

We’ve used lots of Maths investigation skills this week. Firstly, we had to come up with a way of checking that we had a full set of 0-6 dominoes. Patterns and counting were the key to being successful, though lots of us were baffled until we worked out that dominoes can be used two different […]

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DT Enrichment

In DT, the children have been making battery-powered vehicles with pulley mechanisms. They have shown great resilience and determination when faced with problems and have helped each other when things have got tricky. We are so proud of what they’ve produced. Next week is race day!

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Alexander Calder

In Sculpture enrichment, we have made sculptures inspired by Alexander Calder. First we had to make a wire sculpture with a delicate balance point, and then we covered some shaped parts in tissue paper. Check them out …

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DT Enrichment

We got our project off to a great start today by measuring, sawing and sanding square section wood to create a rectangular frame. We also built and troubleshooted series circuits using motors.

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Sharing with Sikhism

We finished off our learning about Sikhism with one of the most joyful lessons ever! We have been thinking about how important sharing is in Sikhism and focused on one of the most visible aspects of this, the Langar. The Langar is the communal kitchen and dining room in a Gurdwara (the Sikh place of […]

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Year 6 teachers

Year 6 pupils have been planning and teaching across the school today. They have taken the roles very seriously, with some excellent preparation and a range of teaching styles! We’ve had lessons in drama, sport, maths, science, drama, singing, art and dance. I think they got quite a lot from the experience.

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