Year 5: Blackout poetry

Inspired by the story of Ernest Shackleton, Year 5 have produced these striking ‘blackout poems.’ They read pages of a book called ‘Survivors’ and then selected key words and phrases to use in their poems. I was particularly impressed by how individual everyone’s work was!

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The Battle of Bosworth

In 1485, Henry Tudor and Richard III went to battle, and the result changed British history forever. The Battle of Bosworth marked the beginning of the Tudor period, and Year 4 have been reenacting the Battle to help them understand more about it… I can’t wait to read their Diary entries as Henry Tudor about […]

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Star Writers

Congratulations to the winners of the creative writing competition! Mr Wilson received some astounding entries, making his job of judging them extremely difficult. From hilarious poetry to heartfelt stories, all of the writers showed their magnificent creativity and writing talent! Well done to all of the children that have taken part, particularly our runners up […]

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Christmas Haikus

A haiku is a three lined poem with a very special pattern. The first and third lines contain 5 syllables, and the second contains 7. We had a go at writing some Haikus in year 4 on the theme of …. CHRISTMAS! Afterwards, we used water colours to add even more pizzazz to our poems. […]

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Year 5 Prologues

Over the last two weeks, Year 5 have been writing prologues to their own stories. They have written up the first paragraph onto beautifully decorated paper with their own watercolour designs.

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Y5 & 6 creative writing project

This week, year 5 and 6 were introduced to the creative writing project. It was borne out of feedback from our children, who were asked how we could make writing more enjoyable. A consistent message was that providing more freedom about the content and style of independent writing was key to engaging and motivating them. […]

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Our writing!

Children from across the school presented some of the fantastic writing that’s being going on in class. From kenning poems to news reports, trip recounts to persuasive letters – excellent work all round!

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