Speed bump letters

The letters that year 3 and 4 have written to the council, asking for a new speed bump near the school gates, have now been sent. Keep an eye out on Lee Church Street to see if our persuasion works. Hopefully there’ll be a new speed bump there soon.

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A Dramatic Day in Year 3

We had a brilliant time yesterday immersing ourselves in the world of Victorian England, courtesy of Oscar Wilde’s The Canterville Ghost, which we are really looking forward to seeing at the Unicorn Theatre today. First of all, we talked about progress and inventions and looked at technology through the ages. Then it was time to […]

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You’re never too old…

…to enjoy a story! Years 5 and 6 have now finished their first class novel, ‘Letters From the Lighthouse’ by Emma Carroll. This story was set in WW2 and helped the children to further develop their understanding of evacuation, code breaking and what life was like during this period of history. One child even said […]

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Storytelling in Year 3

We have used the brilliant book, The Mysteries of Harris Burdick to write engaging story openers. We chose the story The Seven Chairs and wrote the beginning of a story which would intrigue our readers and make them want to read on. We then snuggled down on beanbags, shared our writing and gave each other […]

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Anansi and the Hotpot Stew

This week, year 1 have been learning about Anansi and the Hotpot Stew so today we cooked our own healthy stew. It was lots of fun and the children loved the taste! This afternoon, they will be evaluating their cooking skills and next week tasting different flavours to help them create their own stew.

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Take-down poetry in Year 3

We have got off to a fighting start (not literally!) to the half-term in Year 3. We finished writing our Muhammad Ali-inspired take-down poetry and battled with our partners to see who could perform their poem with the most attitude and expression. There were some fierce put-downs showing real creativity and imagination. The crowd were […]

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