Year 2 Carousel

What a fun carousel we have had this week! Science experiment on absorbency- which material should Mr Messy use to clear up his spillage? Phonics sentences on the “er”, Maths word problems on doubling and halving, Art 3D balloon making and geo boards pattern making!

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The day an author came to visit.

In Nursery we were lucky enough to have Winnie Mak Tselikas come to visit and read her book called London Hat Hunting Mission. We listened to the adventures of Mr Globe and his friends! We even got a chance to meet the characters! We discussed the countries the dolls were from, some of the children […]

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Handa’s Surprise

Year 1 have been reading Handa’s Surprise this week, they looked for clues in the story to work out where it might be set. We then tasted the different fruits that Handa had in her basket and thought of awesome adjectives to describe them. In the afternoon we used collage to make the fruits and […]

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A taste of India

Today, Year 4 transported themselves to India as we made some tasty pakoras. They are a traditional Indian snack, made with a spice mix called garam masala. They were particularly yummy with turmeric and mint dip! We used the skills we’ve been learning in maths this week to accurately measure mass, and tomorrow we will […]

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Making Lassis

Year 4 have had a rather delicious week making mango lassis. We used our maths measurement skills to accurately measure our ingredients, and wrote up some exceptional recipes in literacy. Recipes available upon request 😉

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Crime Scene in Year 1

Today, Year 1 came back from assembly to find a potential crime scene in the classroom! Our book, Detective Dog, had been taken and some clues left behind. Year 1 were excellent detectives, just like Detective Dog, and from the clues worked out who had done it! Luckily it was only Charlotte who had borrowed […]

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