Preschool 6/5 Expanding Business!

I am so proud of you Nursery class! You have started several small businesses and so far I have seen a garden centre 🌷🌺🌼 a supermarket 🥫🏪 🛒a couple of bakeries🧁🥧 and a shop that seemed to have shoes 🛍AND cake which is music to my ears! Someone even opened a theatre 🎭 . Carry […]

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Preschool 27/4

Take a look at CBeebies today and a programme called Do You Know. I know that lots of you are having fun planting and growing fruits, vegetables and other plants…but while you are waiting for shoots to appear what’s going on underground? Let Maggie show you! Maddie’s Do You Know?, Series 4: 5. Drinking Water […]

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Bee Happy🐝

I am an insect A hive is my home I eat some pollen To make honeycomb.  What am I?   I’m a bee When I see bees buzzing around the park, or visiting the flowers on my balcony I don’t feel scared of their sting. Instead, I feel so glad and grateful for all the important […]

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Nursery 1/4

Here’s a short clip of our classroom and a nice snapshot of how all the children are engaged in different learning zones and independently on task. With that in mind and having spoken to many of you who are feeling the pressure of teaching children of differing age groups in the same space, here are […]

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The HMS Beagle Board Games

Year 5 & 6 used maps to locate the Galápagos Islands and then created their own board games based on the famous archipelago. They arranged the islands, labelled them and drew on the equator. They then used their maps to write instructions for their board game focusing on making things clear and concise.

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World Book Day Year 4

Happy World Book Day!!! Year 4 have been celebrating all things books with loads of fun activities. When we arrived this morning, we were very confused to see potatoes on our table… but when Miss Higgitt told us that we’d be transforming them into our favourite book characters, our creativity shone! Can you guess which […]

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Jeremy Strong Visit

To kick start World Book Day, the author Jeremy Strong paid half a visit on Monday. The children heard where he writes ( in a shed eating chocolate!) and listened to him read an extract of one of his books. They also had the opportunity to buy a book and get it signed.

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