Window artwork

I’m a bit behind with sharing Year 3’s wonderful artwork. As well as writing poetry inspired by Jeannie Baker’s Window, we used collage to create a view that we would like to see from our window, were we one of the characters in the book. Interestingly, there wasn’t a car, lorry or building site to […]

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Lights, Camera, Action! Fitness Films

The final stage of our PT project has been making a video for our clients in order to demonstrate exercises and stretches and to help inform them about the muscles being used. The children have come to appreciate quite how much work is involved before you go anywhere near a camera! Casting, scriptwriting, storyboarding, blocking, […]

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Balanced arguments in Year 5

Year 5 have worked exceptionally hard on their writing over the last two weeks and have written their first ever balanced arguments. We focused on formal language and using standard English.   They debated whether Michael (a character in Kensuke’s Kingdom) should have been allowed to be taken out of school for a round-the-world trip […]

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Today, our caterpillars started the amazing transformation into a chrysalis. They have attached themselves like a hook to the top of the pot, we are now waiting for them to complete this stage of the life cycle.

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Year 1’s Caterpillars

Year one have been looking after caterpillars for the last week and watching as they change. They have grown a lot and we are now waiting for each of them to change into a chrysalis. Pop in and see them if you get the chance!

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Kensuke’s Kingdom in Y5

As part of our topic on Rivers and Water, Year 5 have started to read Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. We looked at different book covers and created our own using pastels. We particularly liked this front cover as it created a feeling of mystery and wonder. We have also started writing a balanced argument […]

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