DT Enrichment

In DT, the children have been making battery-powered vehicles with pulley mechanisms. They have shown great resilience and determination when faced with problems and have helped each other when things have got tricky. We are so proud of what they’ve produced. Next week is race day!

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Bread Making in Year 2

We have had such a fun time pretending to be Thomas Farriner this morning in Year 2. Everybody worked very hard and learned about the key ingredients needed for making bread. We also now know the verbs kneading and proving! Luckily, the fruits of our labour in bags ready to share with families after school.

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Year 5 & 6 Anderson Shelters

After learning about the importance of bomb shelters during WW2, the children were set the task to create their own versions using a range of materials. They worked in pairs to plan and make model shelters and evaluated the structural successes and failures throughout the project so they could learn different techniques from one another. […]

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Salad design

In food technology enrichment today, we designed our own salads. Alongside the designing, we had to chop, slice and grate in preparation for making our masterpieces. It was also a great opportunity for children to try new foods – nearly everyone in the group tried spinach and sugar snaps – many of them for the […]

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DT Enrichment

We got our project off to a great start today by measuring, sawing and sanding square section wood to create a rectangular frame. We also built and troubleshooted series circuits using motors.

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