Y2 DT: peeling fruit and veg

This week in DT we thought about which parts of a fruit or vegetable we eat, and which bits we discard. We discovered this is sometimes a matter of taste – some of us eat all of an apple, even the stalk! After sorting different fruits and vegetables into categories according to how we prepare […]

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Y2 DT: fruit or vegetable?

Our new DT topic on food and nutrition started today with Year 2 squishing, sniffing and labelling a variety of fruit and vegetables. They were pretty good at this, but were all outwitted by a persimmon! We then learnt about the scientific definition of fruit and vegetable. We were surprised to learn that many of […]

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UKS2 DT- Food

We have just embarked on a delicious quest to Indian to learn all about curry! In fact, the world curry comes from the Indian Tamil word ‘Kari’ meaning a sauce or soup to be served with rice. We looked at world maps and found out that curry is quite a global dish- with many different […]

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Technology in Ancient Civilisations

LKS2 made connections between the technology of the Ancient Sumerians, Shang Dynasty and the Indus Valley Civilisation this afternoon. We identified what artefacts can tell us about the technology of Ancient Civilisations and the children came up with some superb ideas such as: if there was communication between different civilisations; how skilled they were; what […]

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UKS2 DT Bridges

Having learned all the different designs of bridges in the real word- from triangulation to suspension- we designed and built our own! Firstly we planned what kind of bridge we wanted to make, using the engineering skills we have gained over this project. But just like real engineers, our plans and designs were a work […]

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y2 finish and evaluate their bridges

Year 2 completed their DT structures topic today but putting the finishing touches to their bridges and testing them. Three of our bridges held 1kg! We then evaluated our work, and will write up our evaluations tomorrow in our writing session. Year 2 have really enjoyed this topic and have shown great creativity in their […]

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