The Thames Barrier

Year 5 were set the challenge to design and build the Thames Barrier using a range of resources. The structure had to be strong, recognisable and contain rotating barriers to stop ‘water’. We worked in groups but had to contend with different timed restrictions: no talking, only able to use one hand, no tape, no […]

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Rainforest Cake

Year 3 have been investigating ingredients which come from the rainforest. Some of these (spices, bananas, sugar and chocolate) have been used to bake a delicious rainforest cake. I hope you enjoyed the slice sent home!

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Kite building

This week during forest school enrichment we built kites using dowel, string and plastic bags. We worked together and used careful knots to secure the sections together . Just a shame there was no wind 🙄

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Making a potato house!

Ever pondered that age old question: What would happen if I made a house for my potato and cut a light hole at the end? Well, Year 5 have done just that! In DT we designed and built a ‘house’ using wood and set up a potato obstacle course inside. We explored different ways of […]

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