A Dramatic Day in Year 3

We had a brilliant time yesterday immersing ourselves in the world of Victorian England, courtesy of Oscar Wilde’s The Canterville Ghost, which we are really looking forward to seeing at the Unicorn Theatre today. First of all, we talked about progress and inventions and looked at technology through the ages. Then it was time to […]

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Skyping Ghana

On Friday afternoon we had an enjoyable Skype with our partner class in Kumasi, Ghana. We showed them our Anansi artwork and acted out the story of Anansi and the Hot Pot Beans.

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Take-down poetry in Year 3

We have got off to a fighting start (not literally!) to the half-term in Year 3. We finished writing our Muhammad Ali-inspired take-down poetry and battled with our partners to see who could perform their poem with the most attitude and expression. There were some fierce put-downs showing real creativity and imagination. The crowd were […]

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National poetry day

Yesterday was national poetry day and we celebrated with a special assembly that included a range of poetry read and performed by pupils and teachers. Mr Demeger performed a classic! Miss Higgitt read a poem written by a boy with Asperger syndrome and some children from Y4 read poems they wrote in the same style.

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Holy Communion and what it means

Continuing our work about the Christian faith, we learned about Holy Communion last week – why it is celebrated, what it means to Christians and what happens during the service. We split into groups to read the words from the service and to re-enact what happens, using blackcurrant juice and cream crackers in place of […]

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Anansi the Spider

This morning Year 1 & 2 visited the Unicorn theatre to see a fantastic production of Anansi the Spider. The children loved the show and we are all looking forward to learning more about the stories in class. A big thank you to the parents who came along too.

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Holy Communion

We re-enacted a holy communion in RE. We performed as either a vicar that blessed the bread and wine (the body and blood of Christ), a server – who carried the candle or incense, or a church goer that received communion.

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