UKS2 at the Unicorn Theatre

Year 5 and 6 headed off to the theatre today to see Pinocchio on stage. It was a phenomenal show which we all enjoyed- some of us even got to speak cat to Marmalade, or were nearly gobbled by a dog fish. Afterwards to went to the river for an alfresco lunch with a brilliant […]

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World Book Day in Year 4

We’ve listened to a real-life author, read with Reception, taken part in a BBC Teach Live Lesson, devised and performed our own movie trailers and ‘Guess the book’ dramas based on familiar stories and thought about which book to choose when our book tokens arrive… phew! It’s been an action-packed day and a brilliant one.

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The eight-fold path of Buddhism

LKS2 learned about the eight-fold path followed by Buddhists as part of their quest to reach enlightenment. The key paths are: Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Intent, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration, Right Understanding and Right Effort. Buddhists believe that these concepts help us to live in a way that does no harm to […]

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Christmas Performances Shine Brightly

The closing days of term have seen three performances that our children are rightly proud of. Early Years acted and sung the Christmas story reflecting just how well they worked during rehearsals. KS1 entertained us with a mix of traditional and modern songs while acting their outdoor, heart warming nativity. KS2 concluded their 6 week […]

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UKS2 at the Unicorn Theatre

We had a fantastic time today visiting the Unicorn Theatre to watch The Bolds. From the set, to the music, to the acting, we could all see the talent and hard work that goes into putting on each performance- and many of us were inspired! We then got to eat our lunch al fresco next […]

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