Year 6: The Daniel Rap

Year 6 spent the afternoon collaborating in groups to create a performance of the bible story: Daniel and the Lion’s Den. Their endeavours culminated in a vibrant performance including rapping and drumming which they performed to Year 4.

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New teachers in Year 3!

Year 3 have been treated to sessions with new teachers this morning – all of whom look rather familiar… Our awesome Year 6 students have been working really hard to plan lessons for other classes in the school. This select group have been lucky enough to investigate friction and forces under the expert eyes of […]

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Year 1 Visit The Albany Theatre

This morning, Year 1 visited the Albany Theatre in Deptford, to watch a production of Hansel and Gretel with a very modern twist. The tickets were given to us as part of the Every Child campaign which aims to provide a free theatre tickets to every Year 1 child in Lewisham. The class thoroughly enjoyed […]

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Forgiveness photography

Our task today was to capture a photograph that told a story of forgiveness. We tried to get the perfect composition, exposure, light and shade to capture the right mood and then we edited our photos back in the classroom to make them wonderful pieces of art.

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Seed Dispersal – why and how?

As part of our Science work on Plants we have been looking at the role of flowers and seeds in the life cycle of a flowering plant. We talked about germination and remembered what our cress seeds looked like. Then we talked about growth, flowering, pollination, seed formation and finally, seed dispersal. There are many […]

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Year 5’s class assembly

Another big well done to Year 5 who had their class assembly this morning. The class showed nothing but enthusiasm throughout the process and certainly rose to the occasion! A special shout out to the dancers who choreographed their dance to Beastie Boys ‘Intergalactic’ with creativity and flair! The rendition of the poem ‘Gran Can […]

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