Year 2 have been continuing to explore structures, by making bridges with different materials and with different shapes. We have explored making paper channel bridges, and found out that the more layers of paper the more weight the bridge can hold. We have also used pipe cleaners and geostrips, and discovered that a simple rectangular […]

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Bridge construction

Year 5 explored a variety of bridge construction kits , including a bridge building simulation on the iPads. Exploring construction kits is an important precursor to designing and making bridges (which is what they will be doing soon!) In most constructions, triangles played an important part, due to their rigidity. Lots of collaboration and resilience […]

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Building bridges in Y2

In Year 2, we kickstarted our new DT topic on structures with a busy afternoon learning about bridges and having our first go at building simple structures using pieces of cardboard. We then discussed how to make these simple bridges stronger. We looked at beam bridges and decided we needed to build piers to support […]

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UKS2 DT – The finished product!

After six weeks of sewing, we finally have our finished toolbelts! After measuring their prototypes, Year 5 cut fabric to fit the correct size then made a toolbelt with pockets and straps using the running stitch, overcast stitch, backstitch and blanket stitch. Some children even decorated with embroidery. Some children are going to use theirs […]

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Sock puppet fun!

As you may remember we asked for some odd socks recently, so we could make sock puppets! Here are a few photos of us having great fun and learning lots about sewing! Sewing is great for our fine motor skills and will help our muscles when it comes to writing!

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