Understanding the World

In Nursery we learn about the different lives that we all live and celebrate our similarities and differences. We believe that all faiths have wisdom to share. We have been learning about the Hindu festival Diwali and making candle holders out of salt dough.

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Reception Art – Handprints

This month is Black History Month, so we have been reading books from the Big Dreams Little People collection. We have also been thinking about the colour of our skin in class, so today we mixed colours (red blue yellow and white) to make the colour of our skin.

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Mindful Small Worlds

In Preschool we build small worlds with the children and discuss what we are using and what we need. It helps us to understand the world and discuss things that we have observed, how they feel, what they sound like and what they can be used for. When we build together in this mindful way […]

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