Year 6: The Story Of London

Year 6 have been learning about the history of London before 1066. We’ve used Richard Brassey’s ‘The Story if London’ as a reference point for a range of tasks. We’ve completed a Kahoot! quiz, ordered events, and recorded ChatterPix videos from the point of view of famous figures in London’s history – combining facts, humour […]

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Pets at Home Year 2 Science

In Science we have been learning about what all animals (including humans) need to survive. We became “Pets at Home” experts by using their website to carry out some research into what we would need to provide different animals in order to keep them alive. Please see our experts below for some advice!

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Today is internet safety day and one concern that parents and carers often have is with regard to ‘screentime’. have a really helpful guide that you can read by clicking here.  

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