Bridge construction

Year 5 explored a variety of bridge construction kits , including a bridge building simulation on the iPads. Exploring construction kits is an important precursor to designing and making bridges (which is what they will be doing soon!) In most constructions, triangles played an important part, due to their rigidity. Lots of collaboration and resilience […]

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Y4&6 publishing

A real highlight of the week was when Year 6, learned how to use Pages (iPad app) to publish their persuasive reports, export them as a pdf and upload to their OneDrive account. They subsequently paired up with children in year 4 who had written reports on ocean pollution and guided them through the process […]

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Internet Legends

During this half term, children across KS2 will become Internet Legends. During this time in lockdown, when children are likely to be spending more time online than usual, it’s important for them to know how to stay safe. Any videos or useful information that we use within KS2 lessons will be posted here as a […]

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Seesaw remote learning app

Dear parents and carers, This week we are setting up a remote learning app called Seesaw. From next week, class learning will be shared through this app rather than the blog. Why are we changing? The blog was always a temporary measure and although the teachers have used it really well, it does not really […]

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Icarus and Daedalus animations

Over the last 2 weeks, year 4 have been working on an animation project linked to our topics- the Ancient Greeks. First, we had to plan our story (Icarus and Daedalus) , and decide what backdrop and models we would have to design, and then we made them. We used crafting techniques to make the […]

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