Lego Robotics Coding in Year 3

What a fantastic start to the week! Samia has been in Year 3, delighting the children with visions of a robotic-led future and encouraging the children to get hands-on with Lego robots. We have made an energy-saving fan with flashing lights and sounds and can’t wait for our session next week.

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We have learnt how to use algorithms and coding to control robots. We have written an instructional program for our robot partner to draw the shape we want.

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Year 6: WW2 Newspapers

Inspired by our recent learning about WW2, we decided to create our own newspapers based on the events directly after Black Saturday (the first night of the Blitz). We learnt a range of ICT skills, shortcuts and word processing tricks.

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Staying safe online

Today, Year 1 had their first computing lesson. We learnt how to stay safe when using the internet by following 3 simple rules. 1. Always ask permission to use the internet. 2. Never talk to strangers online. 3. Only go to places that are right for you. Next week we are going to start coding!

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Multiplication videos in Year 5

This week, Year 5 have learnt how to multiply two and three digit numbers by two digits. As part of our learning, we watched a video made by Mr Demeger. Thanks Mr Demeger! We then had a go at creating our own videos, trying to use our mathematical language while being very clear. Well done […]

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Digital footprints

Year 2 went on a playground hunt to trace the digital footprints of Mizzle Mouse and Electra Elephant. We discussed how we should always ask an adult before using the internet and how Electra the Elephant may have shared information about herself that she shouldn’t have.

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The Blitz in Years 5 and 6

This afternoon, Years 5 and 6 used their iPads to investigate where the bombs fell during The Blitz. They read about specific bombs and looked at local photos from the time. The children enjoyed finding the school and where they live! Using bar charts, they also worked out when most of the bombs fell and […]

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