Lee then and now

This half term, Year 6 have been learning about local history. Today we looked at maps from the 1800s, showing how railway changed Lee dramatically. It was great to be able to zoom in on the iPads to really explore the maps. We found the old school (National School) and discovered that there was also […]

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How’s the weather up there?

On Friday, our very own school weather station went up in our playground. The station can measure the wind speed, wind direction, temperature and rainfall. The weather station will help us collect data and turn our data into graphs which is great for maths and computing. It will also help us to better understand the […]

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Internet legends!

This half term, pupils across KS2 have been learning how to stay safe online. Below is a summary of the five areas covered through a series of assemblies and follow-up lessons in class and that we want all children to try and abide by:

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Bridge construction

Year 5 explored a variety of bridge construction kits , including a bridge building simulation on the iPads. Exploring construction kits is an important precursor to designing and making bridges (which is what they will be doing soon!) In most constructions, triangles played an important part, due to their rigidity. Lots of collaboration and resilience […]

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Y4&6 publishing

A real highlight of the week was when Year 6, learned how to use Pages (iPad app) to publish their persuasive reports, export them as a pdf and upload to their OneDrive account. They subsequently paired up with children in year 4 who had written reports on ocean pollution and guided them through the process […]

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