Ash Wednesday

Rev Tim led a wonderful service this morning and our school councillors read the prayers very well. Towards the end of the service the children and adults were invited to receive an ash cross on the forehead, an Anglican tradition to mark the beginning of Lent and remind us of our mortality.

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Toilet renovation bid

We want to make the school the best it can be. Don’t lose sight of how fortunate we all are for what we have. That was the message the children were given last week, using the excellent visual model above (taken from Factfulness by Hans Rosling.) They were then asked the question: What part of the […]

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Today in our collective worship (assembly) time, we further explored the importance of gratitude. We focused on lunch and considered all the people who have worked to get the food on our plates. We had a quiet time of reflection, giving children the opportunity to be grateful for all that has been done to provide […]

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