Celebrating writing in Year 3

The beautiful poetry that Year 3 wrote as part of our Black History Month celebrations is now the focal point of the classroom as the stunning artwork that the children have produced forms a gorgeous backdrop to their poems. We talked about what it means to be free, how freedom makes us feel and the […]

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Black History Week Assembly

Today, classes came together in a special assembly to share their learning from our Black History Week activities. It was an amazing showcase of learning which included artwork, writing, poetry, cooking, small world play and an amazing collaborative collage of Nelson Mandela from Year 5. It was clear from the children’s enthusiasm, what a great […]

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Handa’s Surprise

Year 1 have been reading Handa’s Surprise this week, they looked for clues in the story to work out where it might be set. We then tasted the different fruits that Handa had in her basket and thought of awesome adjectives to describe them. In the afternoon we used collage to make the fruits and […]

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Inspirational black sportspeople.

For our black history celebrations, year 4 have been learning about important, groundbreaking sportspeople. We each researched our own inspirational person, and did a short presentation to the class about why they were so awesome. Did you know that Jesse Owens is really called JC Owens, but he’s been known as Jesse ever since his […]

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