Black history month 2023

The theme for this years’ black history month is ‘Saluting our sisters’. The theme of highlights the crucial role that black women have played in shaping history, inspiring change, and building communities. This year’s celebration will showcase pioneering black women who have made remarkable contributions to literature, music, fashion, sport, business, politics, academia, social and […]

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Reception – We Can!

We read some great books today, about amazing women who fought for their rights. These women sadly grew up in a time where women, especially black women, were at a huge disadvantage. We read the story of Ruby Bridges and how she was the first black female to attend her school, and how she was […]

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Summer of Soul

At the end of last half term, KS2 took part in a music quiz. They listened to a range of inspiring black musicians from the past and had to match them to their photos. Many of the songs played made it difficult to sit still and it wasn’t long before Teddy in Y3 broke the […]

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An inspiration to us all …

This week we looked at eight more black icons that are an inspiration to use all, several of whom were already familiar to the children … Yerim, in Year 6 also shared an eloquent review of Ghost Boys by Jewell Parker Rhodes in assembly, which we have been reading in our book club. To quote […]

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Proud to Be

It’s Black History Month and this year the theme is ‘Proud to Be’. Each week, we’re looking at individuals, past and present, who have had to face prejudice and racism but have achieved great things. We hope that they serve as an inspiration to everyone! This week the children had to match the inspirational people […]

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Ella Fitzgerald

Reception had assembly all to themselves yesterday. We talked about how we should all be proud to be who we are because we are all special. We learned about the life of Ella Fitzgerald and some of us took advantage of the space in the hall and danced to her music!

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Reception Art – Handprints

This month is Black History Month, so we have been reading books from the Big Dreams Little People collection. We have also been thinking about the colour of our skin in class, so today we mixed colours (red blue yellow and white) to make the colour of our skin.

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Take-down poetry in Year 3

We have got off to a fighting start (not literally!) to the half-term in Year 3. We finished writing our Muhammad Ali-inspired take-down poetry and battled with our partners to see who could perform their poem with the most attitude and expression. There were some fierce put-downs showing real creativity and imagination. The crowd were […]

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Black History Month in Year 3

We’ve learned an awful lot about Black History this month – the origins of Black History Month, why it is so important, what it means for us all as citizens of the world and how we can learn from lessons of the past. Together with Year 4, we have focused on Black sportspeople and their […]

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