Years 3& 4 visit the Tate Modern

We had a fantastic trip to the Tate Modern today. The children were so excited to see the Gerard Richter, Bridget Riley and Jackson Pollock artworks that we’ve been discussing in class and had some fantastic discussions about nature of art and our differing experiences of, and reactions to it.

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y2’s print creation

Year 2 created their final print today, using all the techniques we have learnt during our printmaking topic. We based our work on the prints by Karen Lederer, who uses reverse-stencilled hands in her art work. We were all really pleased with how our artwork looked!

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Year 1 Art – Stencils

For Art this week, Year One continued to look at our topic of Print Making. We’ve looked at reverse stencilling, now we’ve made stencils of our own! Look at the result! We can recreate the same pattern over and over again by using the same Stencil!

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y2 print doTs and spots

Today’s art lesson was inspired by the book, “The Dot” by Peter Reynolds. We made our own dotty stencils by tearing and cutting scrap paper and learnt how to stipple to create our first dots. Then we turned our work around, slid it back under our stencil and used strokes to create another layer of […]

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Year 5 Drawing skills

This week Year 5 have been practising how to draw using perspective. Instead of drawing objects like they were flat, we really studied the shapes and angles in front of us so that our drawings looked more realistic. We learned that a work of art does not have to use the bottom of the page […]

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Year 6 Art- Surrealism

For today’s art lesson, we studied the above painting which we found rather odd! Why did the man have an extra eye? Why was the tall man blue? And why is his torch shining darkness? We talked about what the artist’s message could have been when making the piece- which began to make the painting […]

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Technology in Ancient Civilisations

LKS2 made connections between the technology of the Ancient Sumerians, Shang Dynasty and the Indus Valley Civilisation this afternoon. We identified what artefacts can tell us about the technology of Ancient Civilisations and the children came up with some superb ideas such as: if there was communication between different civilisations; how skilled they were; what […]

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y2 try reverse stencilling

We had an interesting, and rather messy, afternoon trying out reverse stencilling using spray painting today. Year 2 experimented with different shapes and objects, and thickness of paint, to create prints. Some of our prints didn’t come out how we hoped, but we persevered and improved our work to create some beautiful prints.

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